Primary literature is something that refers to original research,

Primary literature is something that refers to original research,
means no notes, when we talk about original research the idea is that we have
the general ideas, articles or research papers, primary literature composed of
genuine research which is performed by expert researchers in their grasslands.
It is performed alone or can be executed with the participation by a team of
researchers. These include conference papers, monographic series, journal
papers, technical reports, theses, short communication, rapid communication,
review papers, review reports, video recordings by experts. Now these research
papers can be categories into many parts, research paper is something which is
written an expert and is check by an expert and approved by an expert.

first is the general paper which is further split
into two parts peer review means if
you do any research and it has published, while other is not-peer review means if you do any research but it never publish,
Some general papers are normal and some are differ like short communication it is something which is a really exciting it
is some type of breakthrough and this breakthrough is very short, another is rapid communication in this something
which has been communicated recently, then we have something which is very long
and we call it the review paper, the
idea is that when we are talking about business we are not interested in publishing
the paper instead we are interested in giving the results or giving the output
this output can be in the form of reports or review reports, actually review
reports are not in the form of paper format they are in different format  and that format  is something in which you highlight the
practical aspects. After that we have something we have to present in the
conference to the audience and get there feedbacks and finally they are in the
printed form and that is something to which we call conference proceeding papers, now if I have my own research which I
collect from different sources and we call it as dissertation or theses, theses is divided into two types which are script in which we never write to much that
is not more than hundred pages and other type is manuscript it is in the form of book and it will be more than
hundred pages. Now a days pictorial and video abstract are also very common
they are also belonging to primary literature. Like if someone makes the video
by any expert of any new research and forward to some experts.    

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