Problem the difference? There both similar in their end

Problem Statement Paper towels and hand dryers can be found everywhere in shopping malls, grocery stores, and all public areas, but why the variety what’s the difference? There both similar in their end goal. There more different than people think. Hand dryers are more environmentally friendly than paper towels as stated in an article written by slate. Paper towels on the other hand remove more bacteria which helps prevent sickness and disease. Yes hand dryers are faster and paper towels are easier to maintain, but which one should be used more?Research Summary In the research it all says that when it comes to power consumption hand dryers are the way to go. Let’s focus on production, yes the machinery that is used to make hand dryers do use a lot  of resources but most run off electricity and made in one building, but paper towels people have to cut down trees take those logs to a new area where they have to break it down to the towels people use but the transportation alone is more than hand dryers( Class G ). Next if you focus on their use hand dryers use 2 watts while there waiting to be used and let’s say someone washes their hand for 30 seconds to get them kind of dry the hand dryer uses about 18 watts of energy (Koerner) that’s not a lot. Compare that 18 watts to paper towels they would win but then moving to environment waste  paper towels and paper products fill most of our landfills which releases harmful gas into the atmosphere (Class G).Hypothesis If you dry your hands with hand dryer, then the paper towel will have less bacteria leftover than drying with paper towels.Variables 2 rolls of paper towels1 Dyson air hand dryer 1 generic sink1 Ajax hand soap1 TimerMicroscope Procedures First gather your materials or go to the nearest bathroomNext you would wash your hand for about 30 secThen dry using paper towelsDo steps 1-3 again but dry with the hand dryerGraphs