PROBLEM video games are actually a waste of time.

                      PROBLEM SOLVING IN VIDEO GAMES

                                 It was
believed that playing video games make an individual lazy and stupefy but
playing these games actually helps in the development of wide range of
cognitive skills. Playing video games is one of the most efficient and
effective means by which children and youth generate positive feelings. During
gaming, gamers are immersed in an intrinsically rewarding activity.

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                                  Video games are now a big deal in
the market. Video game developers are providing virtual worlds which challenge
gamers to use their brain power to solve complex problems inside of the gaming
world. Video game developers build interactive worlds which allow gamers to
solve the gaming problems with gamers’ cognitive skills. The nature of games is
very different for different games. In video games, when a mission or task is
assigned to the gamer, the gamer looks for solutions to accomplish that task.
The game developer wouldn’t make the task so easy for the player to finish. The
video game mission requires the gamers’ intellectual skills, problem solving
abilities to take into account for the necessary accomplishment for the task.
An average gamer spends 6.5 hours a week playing video games. Many of us think
that playing video games are actually a waste of time. But it is not like that,
it can mould an individual’s cognitive abilities to very great extent. There
are many video games available in the world ranging from different categories,
strategies and so on. Some of the main video games categories include Action,
Puzzle, Combat, Real Time Strategy, Role playing, Sports, Educational, Arcade
and so on. Video game production actually involves a great team effort. The
games’ difficulty also varies differently for each game. There are games which
are too easy and difficult for us to complete.

                  How video games help in problem solving

These are
some of the different ways in which video games help in problem solving.

We realize a mistake immediately while we are play
video games. For example, consider a popular game called Prince of Persia, in
that game there are so many obstacles. In order to complete a mission, we have
to explore so many places, cities, kingdoms and so on. There may be bridges,
walls, tombs etc in every game scene. So if we want to grab a treasury from a
kingdom, we should have to jump or cross the bridge to reach the kingdom. So
when we jump from a bridge to reach that kingdom, we may fall into a deep
valley (Obstacle). So our mission will be lost right there. So we instantly
understand our mistake and we may find an alternate solution to jump and reach
another kingdom. We regularly analyze our behavior while playing video games. We
learn to adjust our adaptability as we are progress throughout the game. This
is one of the most important skills. The skill to learn from mistakes will help
you to clear the obstacles in real life. We don’t give up on things while
playing video games, but we focus more on how to complete the mission in a
precise manner.

During video games, we will go through things which psychologists
refer to as deep practice. This means that we repeat a set of circumstances
over-and-over again. For example, if you die at a single boss in Far Cry game,
you’ll keep repeating the same behavior until you eventually get it right. While this might seem frustrating, it’s actually really useful for you in
terms of your problem solving skills.

practice teaches to focus on a task and to immerse yourself in it fully. We
learn to put our mind into solving the issue and the more focused, the quicker
we’ll usually learn. Indeed, deep practice is often used as part of a fighter
pilot training – simulations will help the pilots to be better in real life.

Video games are extremely benefited to problem
solving because they allow us to try different things. For example consider
playing popular mobile game called Candy Crush, the main objective of that game
is to reach the amount of given points to progress. Any leftover special
candies will be activated during Sugar Crush. The only way to pass these is to
clear the amount of jelly in a certain number of moves needed to pass. We can
continue checking out different experiments in candy crush saga. The trial and
error approach in games is very useful in real life. Generally we avoid
problems just because we think that we don’t know how to solve it. But video games
teach us to find alternative solutions for each dilemma that we face in our
life. Winning video games will give us a sense of accomplishment and boost your
confidence in trusting your skills.

GIVing UP Things

It might
seem a bit silly to say, but video games are actually good at teaching
you how and when to give up. In real life, we might often keep hitting a
brick wall with your solution without really knowing you won’t solve the
problem like that. In a video game, we get the feedback that our approach is
wrong rather quick. For example, consider the game Call of Duty2, it’s a first person
shooter video game based on World War II. In that game many soldiers are attacking
us and our objective is to conquer our opponent’s artillery, war base and so
on. So there may be many minefields in the enemy army camps. So when we
accidently reach that place we may lose our life and the mission will be
restarted. So we gave up entering that place. We may lose another life of us if
we enter that area. Therefore, we start knowing when we are just wasting time. We
learn to be more flexible in our thinking.

Video games remind us that there are a variety of
problems with a variety of solutions. There are different types of games that
teach us everything from algebra to memory, but we also can solve these
problems in different ways. This is a great realistic approach to problem
solving in real life. Example of such type of game is Hangaroo; here the
objective of the player is to save a Kangaroo from hanging by completing the
unsolved puzzle within the time limit. The puzzle’s difficulty increase as the
level goes on.

Video games allow our brain to rest and reset. When
we are playing we are dedicating our whole ourselves into that game. Playing
video games allow our brain to make new connections and making us to forget a
problem that we have. The variety of tasks and submissions in the game make us
to be more creative in our everyday life. You learn to be more flexible in your
thinking and look at things in life in different angles.

study of laparoscopic specialists found that those who played for more than
three hours per week made 32 percent fewer errors during practice procedures
compared to their non-gaming counterparts.



Gamers using systems that integrate the
entire body to control onscreen movement have been shown to be more indulged in
celebrating victories with their colleagues, but this may lack in those who
have are with autism. A study also showed that sharing space with multiple
players can also lead to increased social interaction for those with the

We know that performance of CPU increase
when its processer is upgraded. Likewise individual’s ability also increases as
they expose to variety of information, which are displayed during the game play
in video games. For example, one of the most popular online social networking
games is Criminal Case. Here the gamers’ task is to solve the crime in each
stage of the game. So the player has to search for the clue in each stage in a
case. So the gamer is exposed to a wide variety of new things in that crime
scene. These all give additional information to the gamer. So he/she is
learning brand new items’ name and so on. These all help him/ her to be updated
about various aspects. For some, that ability might be strengthened through
gaming. Since new information is constantly being displayed during play,
players are forced to adapt quickly. In one study, players who were immersed in
fast-paced games were 25 percent faster in reacting to questions about an image
they had just seen compared to non-players.

It is generally thought that gamers are
actually isolated. But it is not true. The rise of multi-player experiences
online has given way to a new form of socializing in which players work
together to solve problems. For example, Mini Militia one of the most famous
multiplayer game is a great example for team problem solving game. In this
multiplayer game, we can form teams and can fight between our opponents. Each
team can have up to 5 players each and they fight between them. The team who
beat their opponent by shooting all the opponent team members will win. Here,
we can have new social connections with various people.

Some of the games help the gamers for career
motivation. There are so many such games are available. One such example is
Chess. You may wonder how that possible. It is indeed very surprising to find
its benefit. A kid who understands the basics of chess use his/ her problem
solving skill to defeat the opponent by checkmating the king of the opposite
player. But if that kid wants to flourish in all the aspects to be pro in
chess. He/she may has to go through several other processes to be refined to be
a good player. So the simple answer for this is the online chess games. Here,
the kid can play online matches against number of individuals across the world.
The only thing he/she needed is the internet connection. By playing with different
players across various countries, the kid goes through a process where he/she
can improve new strategies, advanced game techniques and so on. That will make him
to get the good out of him. One of the famous online video game for Chess is
Real Chess; which can be downloaded either from the play store or App store.

One of the key components of Dyslexia is
attention difficulties. One study has shown dyslexics improved their reading
comprehension following sessions of games heavy on action. The reason the researchers
found for this is that the gaming environment changes rapidly in each scene. So
the gamer requires intense focus to adapt to that and accomplish the mission.



          Of course, the above mentioned things
don’t mean that you can just sit in front of the computer or gaming console all
day long. It’s still important to spend time doing other things as a kid or an
adult. Reading books, watching movies, going out to exercise and eating right –
all of these are a big part of a healthy lifestyle. You don’t want a single
hobby to consume all of your time.

However, the
above also shows that playing games is not bad for you. You shouldn’t be afraid
to buy a game or two and spending a few moments every day playing a bit of
video games. So, don’t be afraid to play games or let your kids play them
regularly. Video games can be beneficial – just don’t overdo them!