Project entities, is the family name of the company’s

Project for Designing Work Organizations 

Awarded by Professor A.V. Raman.

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Submitted By:

Aman Nagaich

EPGP 1702


For the project work I have selected Hilti India Pvt. Ltd. as an
organization in which I am employed presently as Technical Manager for Haryana
Location looking after Construction Project Management, Sales & Marketing
of Anchor Fastening, Power Tools, Industrial installation systems & Fire
Protection Units.

Brief Introduction of HILTI


Hilti Corporation (Hilti Aktiengesellschaft or Hilti AG, also known as Hilti
Group) is a Liechtenstein multinational company that develops, manufactures, and markets products
for the construction, building maintenance, and mining industries, mainly to the professional
end-user. It concentrates mainly on anchoring systems, hammer drills, firestops, and installation systems, but manufactures and markets
an array of tools (including cordless electric drills, heavy angle drills, laser levels, power saws, and fasteners). Hilti, a registered trademark of the various Hilti corporate entities, is the
family name of the company’s founders.

Image of Hilti Head Quarter in Schaan , Principality of Liechtenstein






Schaan, Liechtenstein

Key people

Martin and Eugen Hilti


Power Tools, Anchors, Diamond Drills,
Laser Products, Firestops


CHF 5 bn (2017)

Number of employees

25,000 worldwide (2017)




As this was the description of Hilti Group Globally but as I am a part
of Hilti India so I will lay stress on the following topics relating to the
subject & topic:

1.    Business

2.    7 S Model.

3.    Organizational

4.    Organizational

5.    Hierarchy

6.    Organizational

7.    Working

8.    Employee
Engagement & Employee Satisfaction

9.    Compensation
plan rather than fixed emoluments 

10. At last on
scope of improvement & necessary changes for more flexibility.


1.    Business



Core motive of organization is customer
engagement & customer satisfaction.

Company lays more stress on values, discipline,
people, culture, operation excellence, fair pricing to customer’s, operational excellence,
segmentation & excellent service provider.




The 7S
Model is a management model developed by
well-known business consultants Robert
H. Waterman, Jr. and Tom Peters (who also developed
the MBWA– “Management By Walking Around” motif, and authored In Search of Excellence) in the 1980s. This was a strategic vision
for groups, to include businesses, business units, and teams. The 7 Ss are
structure, strategy, systems, skills, style, staff and shared values.

model is most often used as an organizational analysis tool to assess and monitor changes in the internal
situation of an organization.

model is based on the theory that, for an organization to perform well, these
seven elements need to be aligned and mutually reinforcing. So, the model can
be used to help identify what needs to be realigned to improve performance, or
to maintain alignment (and performance) during other types of change.

the type of change – restructuring, new processes, organizational merger, new
systems, change of leadership, and so on – the model can be used to understand
how the organizational elements are interrelated, and so ensure that the wider
impact of changes made in one area is taken into consideration.

This Model enables organization to follow:

1.    Strategy

2.    System

3.    Structure

4.    Skills

5.    Style

6.    Staff

7.    Shared


Organizational Structure & Organization Design:


As per mine understanding & study on Hilti
organizational structure they follow mix of Divisional & Product based
organizational structure.

           Schematic diagram to
explain the organization structure of Hilti





Now as briefed earlier that Hilti Follows a
mix of both so to explain both type of structure.


1.    Divisional
Structure: The divisional
organizational structure organizes the activities of a business around
geographical, market, or product and service groups. Thus, a company organized
on divisional lines could have operating groups for the United
States or Europe, or for commercial customers, or for the green widget product

a)    Divisions are organized as per products & services.

b)    Good for
achieving coordination among functional departments.


2.    Product
Based Organizational Structure:

An organizational structure is a framework in
which companies outline the different responsibilities in their company. A
product-based organizational structure separates the company by products,
activities, projects or geography. This allows a company to have a focus on
specific items in its business operations.




Divisional Structure




     Product Based Organizational Structure




based on lectures, guidance provided by Professor Raman & through thorough
study done by me during building this project 
conclusion derived by me is that mine organization Hilti follow a mix
culture of Divisional & Product base organizational culture .


Organizational Environment & Working Culture


Mumbai, Jun 30, 2017 – As an organization that believes in passionately
creating enthusiastic customers and building a better future, Hilti India rewarded
that it has been ranked as a “Best Company to Work For – 2017” by the Great
Place to Work Institute, which is based on anonymous employee feedback.

Hilti has secured the 2nd rank in the
Construction and Real Estate industry and are 83rd amongst
companies of different sizes and sectors, which participated in this
year’s competition

Hilti was awarded with The Great Place to Work
Award which represents one of the most distinguished employer-of-choice and
workplace recognition an organization can receive. It defines a great workplace
as one where employees trust the people they work for, have pride in the work
they do and enjoy the people they work with. In 2017 more than 600
organizations, applied to Great Place to Work Institute to assess and benchmark
their workplace culture. The institute has an objective methodology of
assessing workplace culture, that has been adopted by thousands of
organizations, globally to evaluate and identify the best cultures. Great Place
to Work Institute has recognized the 100 best workplaces as ‘India’s Best
Companies to Work For- 2017′ from organizations having an employee strength of
more than 500 and represent 20 industry sectors and Hilti is immensely proud to
be among Top 100 Companies to work for.


Again, with the above description it is clear
& it’s true as being a part of organization that Hilti is a company which
thinks about its employee’s their family due to which consistently its getting
rewards for great place to work within Asia & Globally.


Compensation Plan & incentives rather
that fixed salary for more employee engagement & satisfaction on work


After discussing all the parameters most
important aspect that comes for employees is Compensation plans in terms of
bonus, incentives or commission.

Hilti had planned a different model for the year 2018


Below mentioned model depends on multiplier
functioning & modelling.



Which states that employee of any team either
marketing, sales, tool repairing, market reach will be rewarded with variable
pay based on individual performance.


Above model can be illustrated with a sales
manager of a territory that to earn variable pay month wise he must perform in
terms of sales & revenue collection for 90%.

Then on achieving this target bare minimum he/
she would be paid with variable pay with multiplier factor depending on basis
month pay.

And as much he/she will perform that much more
incentive will be paid depending in term of sale & revenue.






Lastly after discussing on the whole Organization
there are few nodes where improvement is required for more result orientation
& employee engagement.


1.    Operations & Logistic Management needs more focus


2.    An Individual in field handling approximately 200 accounts
cannot entertain each of them in a month so more channels to be involved in
terms of outbound calling,

Relationship management, Product orientation
& demonstration’s.


3.    Employee’s out from head offices should be framed in a way
that they should also get opportunity to visit offices, working culture by
arranging a 2-3 days’ cultural seminar’s,

Sports Event, Family Get Together on Festival


4.    As a Part of team Junior members should also get chance to
interact with their senior officials in meeting & should also get
opportunity to present themselves in board meetings.


That’s All from mine side.

Thanking you …