Qualitative thus ensuring that the plan is well implemented

Qualitative Planning

Features of
quality planning

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Quality plans have
various elements which are essential for their success. Some of the elements


plans identifies particular problems by setting out points of reference which
easily be followed up by the management dealing with quality issues. This is
done by the plan outlining the answers to the critical queries. The questions
should be well identified and define within the plan. The problem
identification and by far statement forms the foundations of such plans.

Plan justification

is crucial that the plans are justified to establish their reasons for
implementation and acts as prove for its viability. Before any plan can be
implemented, it is crucial that it is tested for its role and ability to solve
a given problem amicably. The plan should be the best among the existing
alternatives and reasons should be provided for it. The interests of the
involved stakeholders ought to be accommodated in the plan.

Iii Steps

steps provide a guide for plan implementation and the assessment process of the
various parameters of quality. The guidelines are supposed to be well
stipulated outlining the procedures of undertaking certain tasks.  The guide ought to be made up simple steps
which are flexible in application. It should allow for modification when deemed
necessary and thus it should not be rigid. The different steps outline the
various tasks together with their characteristics. The necessary resources for
the various steps should also be well defined and available.


          The budget provides for a plan for
the expenditure and estimates the cost of the plan. The total estimates of
expenditure and costs ought to be highlighted in the plan before actual
purchases are made. The alternatives present are considered and chosen in
accordance with the pricing and quality. The budget ensures that
underestimation or overestimation are avoided thus ensuring that the plan is
well implemented without any hitches. The budget ought to cost effective and
doesn’t strain on the available resources.

Roles definition
and assigning

success of a quality plan depends on the successful implementation by the
different individuals undertaking particular tasks. Their input is crucial and
determines the success of failure of a particular plan. Individuals are
assigned responsibilities in the implementation stage to help in the process.

The plan should clearly define the structure of management so that individuals
participating are well managed and chosen in accordance with their
competencies. Proper communication channels and other protocols should be well

Plan Evaluation

evaluation of a quality plan should be done in a progressive manner till all
the intended objectives are attained. The expectations ought to be met after
the implementation process for objectives to be achieved. The process of
evaluation can be done in steps which make it possible to perform it in stages
over a period of time. After evaluation corrections can be made in other for
the plan to work effectively.


mechanism of follow up ought to be installed to ensure that every step of the
plan is followed and implemented to the latter. This is undertaken soon after
the project has been completed. The follow up ensures that the plan has been
effected well and thus it provides for the future reference in case corrections
ought to be made.

Auditing summary

process of auditing ensures that the plan is in line with the available
standards. The implementation process sets stage for the auditing process.

These entails a system of procedures that ensures that the plan is in tandem
with the set standards of compliance. This procedures also ensure that the plan
set out runs smoothly after its implementation. The intended outcome are thus
attainable and errors are eliminated. Auditing ensures that the quality plan is
tenable and that its implementation meets the standards and runs smoothly.

process of auditing entails the focus on the project’s processes. This ought to
be well specified under the essential elements which are under the plan’s
guidelines.  The performance analysis is
then undertaken for each of the processes utilizing the plan parameters.

Information gained are essential in decision making and initiating

The flowchart

The chat presents a system
showing the different features of the quality plan and how it progresses from
one level to another.

Quality  cost analysis

Quality control analysis
involves analyzing the aspects of costs in various processes. This stage allows
for the control and managing of the costs as they move through the process.

Without proper control and analysis of these costs, it ends up being an
expensive venture for the production process. In the flow chart in section c
above, it is best to ensure the budgeting is done correctly so that there are
no unexpected costs and loses in the flow chart.

Pareto chart

a world of increasing use of social media and bringing the world together,
there are many ways by which individuals can connect with each other. Some of
the most common social media avenues are Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat
and twitter. In a random interview of ninety students in a campus setting. The
following table shows how each of the social media was picked by the students.


of students













In the Pareto diagram,
most of the uses of the various media available is seen in WhatsApp with the
least in Instagram. The firms need to invest more of their resources, for
example, in the case of Instagram to help market themselves and be able to
acquire a larger market share of social media users. They, with fewer users,
also need to create awareness of their presence in the market.