“Racism ride of unfortunate situations revolving around racism, which

 “Racism is like trying to run with no legs or trying to catch with no arms, it ain’t fair.” This metaphor relates very well to the issue in the book about racial injustice, and it clearly is not fair. No one comes out of their mothers womb, and chooses to be what they are. Eventually, people are given labels and we swallow them, and accept the labels, never once doubting them. Racism has occurred throughout history me even though our world is advancing both socially and technologically racism is still present day in and day out. Additionally, racism is complicated, and banas an individual aspect of prejudice. But, even worse is the reality that generations of racist attitudes are now woven into our systems and in situations like poisonous threads hurting us all. Therefore, when the seeds of hatred are planted and fostered in society, it negatively affect every aspect of life. Moving forward, I would like to analyze the issue of racial injustice in the novel The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.    Hitler strived to assassinate individuals who were Jewish, in Germany both during the Holocaust and the novel. Unfortunately it has turned into servers cases of racism in the past. Markus Zusak solely focused on the protagonist a German girl named Liesel as Death the narrator takes us through a bumpy roller coaster ride of unfortunate situations revolving around racism, which soon tears her world apart. Her family is slowly being taken away from her, when her parents are sent to concentration camps and her brother dies, thus she was raised by her foster parents The Hubermanns. Afterwards, Liesel has the opportunity to be seen as a methodical German devoted to Hitler, but she declines the offer. Liesel did not repulse this opportunity because of all the brutal things Hitler has done to her family, but she has built a strong bond with Max Vanderburg a Jew. To illustrate the way Jews gets treated in the book a soldier says, “Get up, you, dirty asshole you Jewish whore-dog, get up, get up.” Per this line, Markus Zusak Control realtors that the book turned into reality most of the time when people treat the Jews with refined cruelty. In disagree with the way Jews are being treated in the book thief because Hitler want to assassinate the Jews and being pushed to the ground being whipped. Furthermore, this books shows readers that individuals and young children had the courage to reject racism.    I am enraged with Hitler, for mistreating individuals who were Jews. Just because they have a label to classify them as Jews doesn’t necessarily mean they will do all the brutal things done in the past such as stabbing German, posing the public opinion, and etc. Furthermore, Max leaves his family in fear of Hitler, and has to put a burden in the Hubermanns family. To add on, Jews shouldn’t be treated differently because now they are living under fear not knowing who will be there for them. All in all, I disagree with the way Hitler treated the Jews in the book, and in reality the way individuals treat another race.    Aside from the book, many individuals are still victims of racism. These individuals may be western, eastern, white, black or etc but continue to face racism. Everyday ethnic  and religious individuals face racist crime and violence across the world. They are not targeted randomly by perpetrators, but simply because of who they are perceived as. I believe racism should end because it will definitely split the unity of the races. Race is what leads to racism, which is simply so,etching that is used to justify brutalities and unjust treatment of people all around the world.