Rainforests valuable ecosystems who are incredibly important to this

Rainforests are
the richest, most powerful and wild places on this planet. They are home to a
huge variety of different animals and plants and around 80 % of the earth’s
species can be found in these forests. Together they create valuable ecosystems
who are incredibly important to this planet. 1

The ecosystems
that the forests create have an essential role in supporting all kinds of life
on earth. Rainforests are furthermore the oldest living ecosystems, some of
them have survived in their present form for around 70 million years. However,
they are not just an ecosystem but also a home to more than half of the earth’s
species including both plants and animals. Only a 10-square kilometer patch can
contain 150 species of butterflies, 400 species of birds, 750 species of trees
and around 1,500 flowering plants and a wide range of animal wildlife. To
understand the value of a rainforest, it is important to know the structure of
a rainforest. Most of the world’s tropical rainforests are structured into four
different and unique layers. Each layer has an important job based on differing
air circulation, sunlight and the level of water. That makes each layer
distinct and an interdependent system which means that they rely on each other
for survival. Therefore every species and processes in one layer influence
those in another layer and that creates a great cooperation. The different
layers are the ones making a rainforest so extraordinary and strong. 2

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There are many
benefits with a rainforest and that makes them desperately important for our
planet. Sometimes the rainforests are described as the earth’s thermostat which
means that they are used to establish and maintain a temperature because a
tropical rainforest can encompass around 1.2 billion hectares of vegetation.
About 20 % of the oxygen that the humans need is being produced by the
rainforests and they also store a huge amount of carbon dioxide. That is giving
a positive benefit in reducing the impact of the gas emissions who are caused
by the greenhouse effect. This helps to absorb the massive amounts of solar
radiation and regulate the temperature of the world.  In conclusion, these processes are simply
helping the earth to stabilize the climate.