Rala to show that the front isn’t always beautiful.

Rala Choi, a famous Korean photographer had held an exhibition in Guseulmoa from Daelim Museum, “Always Boring, Always Sleepy.” The colors of the photography are catchy and he had taken photos for famous album covers too. As I have seen from the exhibition, I have realized why the title of the exhibition was “Always Boring, Always Sleepy.” The photo makes me feel comfy and calm. The image above with titled, ??? ?? ?? (2017), is one of my favorite photo in his work. Even though he had used cold colors in the background, it doesn’t seem cold, instead, warm and comfy. The lines are beautiful and remind me of how the human body has beautiful lines. The photography may look inappropriate for teenagers, however, the body and lines are well expressed. I think the photography tried to represent this photo as her sadness. As seen in the back, it doesn’t seem happy or mad, instead, sad. Also, I think he tried to show that the front isn’t always beautiful. After reading the photography’s account, I have noticed that when he went traveling, he saw women but couldn’t take a picture. He felt frustrated because he couldn’t take a picture but the women’s back was so beautiful. He thought it is maybe his greed to take pictures of their front or maybe it was him who didn’t carefully looked at the women. From his account, I can now tell what he was trying to express. I like the colors and the arrangement of this photography. When making my own artwork, and looking back into my artwork, they do not look good with each other. Meaning, it doesn’t have a uniting theme. In Rala Choi’s photography, I can easily tell that it is his photography without before knowing who took the picture. I believe it is important to have a uniting theme which makes other think that the artwork is from one person, rather than multiple people. The exhibition, Plastic Fantastic was led by multiple designers and artists such as Ron Arad, Sergio Asti, Olaf von Bohr and more. 25 artists in total were involved in designing this exhibition. It was held in D Museum, also lead by Daelim Museum. All the artwork from this exhibition was created with plastic which was quite stunning and interesting. I took this photo at the exhibition however, it does not have any specific name or a theme. This image reminds me of a keyword, ‘passion’, ‘madness’ and ‘different’. Passion, meaning the colors represent passion. Madness is shown through the giant plastic pieces and lastly different is shown in the different shape, texture, and size of the plastics that the artists used. These three keywords brought me into my mind in my perspective. Since multiple plastic pieces are laid up, it creates abstract and harmony as one. Also, using various shape, size and texture of plastic laying up makes it even more gigantic and can tell that lots of efforts were in each artwork. Using new material is always a challenging part of creating an artwork. From the exhibition, I have reminded myself that everything could turn into an artwork. Nothing is impossible in creating an artwork. Not only this picture but other abstract plastic works were in multiple colors, opacity, shape, and size which made the art piece even more beautiful.