Recreational is an activity of every man where our

Recreational is an activity
of every man where our physical and cognitive aspects are being used, which
gives us refreshment from agitation and enervation. Recreational activities
relieve us of the feeling of fatigue, recharging our energy and promote happiness.
Imagine it, without recreational activity in our lives what will happen? Our
life becomes tedious and miserable. Recreation gives us a sense of enjoyment,
freedom etc. and also everyone; most likely the children; they we’re truly in
need of recreational activities without experiencing one in their childhood
there’s a chance that they may become uncomfortable interacting with other
people in the near future. Recreation is one of the best sources of being
educated and wise in life, it gives us leisure to construct every individual
and showcase the purpose of improving the life and living. These activities are
of a constructive nature. They are not time consuming but time-using. They are
healthy in both physically in mentally and most of all it ties stronger
relationships with other people and develop leadership as well.

            As we can see nowadays Advance technology
is the main sources of happiness of every human kind in our world. When advance
technology was publish the recreational was become evanesces, little by little the
kinds have a lack of interest playing recreational activities outside their house.
But we can sense the positive side of advance technology. On the other hand,
advance technological development on one hand and facing lot of physical,
mental emotion and social disturbances. We all knew that it gives a positive
and negative side of using advance technology under of recreational activities.
In the positive side, you can easily search for what is new? And there’s a high-tech
physical games where you use your own body for the command of technology like
the video game “Just Dance” yes it’s you happiness in a short period of time
only. In negative side, there’s a 3 main unhealthy effect via using advance
technology and not having a recreational activity in physical, mentally and
socially. In Physically, look everywhere from you all of them using a
cellphones or computer but if you look further they just using their eyes and hands
only and there body was in slouch where can cause of osteoporosis. Soaking in
the screen of computer and screen of your phone can cause your blurry vision and
headache. It’s also taught you become lazy person that can cause your obesity. Next
will be in mentally, it is common for students, when they teacher task them do
a physical activities they not working it properly because they focus in
chatting and using their smart phone and also it’s can cause anxiety. And lastly
in socially, before they can get new friends while playing outside, they can
talk too much in personally and they also play in physically while having fun
but from now its shift they get new friends from social media even though they
not meet personally. And also in their attitudes were change before family is
closest one but now they’re all strangers can cause emotional problem. Recreational
education is aimed at teaching people to utilize their free time in a
constructive manner. To achieve this aim and to have values as recreation, activities
must be suited to his physical, mental and social needs. In other words, it
implies a careful selection of activities for utility of free time in the
healthy way.

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            From the concluding point of view, recreational
activity is very important means of utilizing the spare time in fruitful
activities which enliven mind and body and direct their superfluous energies
into channels of constructive and national building work. Now you know the possible
reason why we need the recreational activities, these help you to build up your
happiness in healthy way. Thus recreational facilities should be available for
all classes of men and women, both in urban and rural areas and is closely related
such aspects of national as education, health and social welfare. It is clear
recreation has gained a place of importance in modern life and has pointed out several
ways in which it contributes to an individual, community and national welfare.