REFLECTIVE of food cultures.Secondly, the utilization of media. Through

REFLECTIVE WRITING (ARTICLE 4)I had read an article, The Foodie Paradise We Live In Is Killing Us written by Siva Rani (The Star, 30th July 2017) and it was very interesting, meaningful and informative. Without any doubt, I completely agree with his point of view about the food culture in this country which is defecting us. The problems that was written by him such as we love to eat out must be overcome as fast as possible, plus with the right and accurate methods.Firstly, empowerment through education. The children, youth and society must be exposed to the right way in eating culture. Beside that, they must also be exposed about the diseases caused by wrong food culture and how to overcome it. It may and should be done by school, ministry of health or university. By education then, the society at least will know what is right and wrong in theory and practice of food cultures.Secondly, the utilization of media. Through the article, it was known that the kids were blitzed with the junk food ads. In English proverb, it was said, “The best defensive is an offensive”. By then, to defense the society, we must use the offensive ways which is by utilizing the media. Besides, the capable party should use it to blitz the society with healthy food and use it to disclose the bad effect of junk food, fast food plus the culture of wrong food culture.Thirdly, through the power of legislation. The government especially, should control the production of unhealthy food and drinks. Beside that, additional tax should be applied on any unhealthy food or drink. This method had been practiced in several countries. Despite of only focusing on studying about it, we should start the first step to practice it.So for now, these ideas and methods should not be buried as theories form but must be in form actions and practices. Diseases caused by wrong food culture are tossing our society and quick actions must be taken. I finished with an English proverb, “Prevention is better than cure”.