Reformation protestants Martin Luther was apart of the protestants.

Reformation is the 16th century movement for the reform of abuses in the Roman Catholic Church ending in the establishment of the Reformed and Protestant Churches. The Reformation is also called the Protestant Reformation. During this time there were problems within the church. This reform was for religion, politics, and culture.There are three main events that happened during the Reformation. For example, Martin Luther’s “95 Theses”, the king and his divorce, and also the debate of who was really in charge during this time in history. Martin Luther introduced the “95 Theses” , or “Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences” in 1517. This was a list debating what should be happening in the church and why some of the things were wrong. There were men trying to convince others that they could buy themselves a spot in heaven. Also during this time, the king was having problems in his marriage. He was upset with his wife because she could not produce any children. The king, Henry VIII, then wanted to divorce his wife for someone who could give him what he wanted. At that time divorce was illegal. King Henry then decided to take matters into his own hands and start something new just to make divorce legal.During the 1517-1648 Martin Luther disagreed with many of the churches motives and what they were doing to the people that were involved in their churches. In other words they had a televangelist on television stealing money from the people by trying to sell spots in heaven.Everyone knows including Martin Luther that a spot in heaven cannot be bought its earned. Luther went against  that by saying “People could reach salvation through their inner faith in god, not by their actions”. Him speaking out about the situation caused the churches to split up into catholic and protestants Martin Luther was apart of the protestants. The protestants were members of many of the western christian churches and they believed that you shouldn’t believe in any source besides the bible and all salvation is faith in jesus christ and acceptance of his crucifixion as payment for our sins and the catholic church believed that salvation could be reached with faith and work. Pope Paul III was the leader of the Catholics he wanted all his church to go against all protestant teachings. The disagreement led to a war in the mid-seventh century catholicism had spread so jerasticly Europe had completely changed. The divided in christianity led to a bloody war.As we know, Reformation started taking place in the early sixteenth century. There was no individual power secular government after the fall of the roman empire occurred. Power and authority in the time of reformation was as one may say, a competition. Not between everyone but primarily between the kings and papal authority. The papal authority were the men who were Pope. The kings felt as if the papal authority was seen as a threat. Kings, of course, are known to have power. Kings live legacies, he is decisive, he provides orders,and lives his life with integrity. But the pope is the head of the roman catholic church so therefore who’s really in charge? The pope was in charge of picking and choosing who even were to become king. So this made the king’s authority feel challenged because the papal authority had equal to or even more power than them. Reformation resulted in all of the differences among the different churches in our present days. A big concern back in the day was the state of the churches. And of course the power of authority. Because of this, Pope Felix V was abdicated along with Pope Euginese IV being deposed. Their authority was taken but as time went by they received it back. After getting back their authorities and powers, some popes made good out of it but others took advantage of their authority and used their position to restore Romes architectural glory. A positive outcome of the popes being in charge was that they were serious and committed to the church being reformed. The pope had always been seen as a foreign ruler so it’s kind of like he was disrespected in a way. In Europe, monarchs with a lot of power challenged the Church.In the Reformation, The split was caused by the king and the queen wanting a divorce but not being grated one. With the king not wanting anything to do with the Pope, he made his own church which leads to many political changes.King Harney’s first wife Catherine of Aragon was not able to have a son so the king grew inpatient because he wanted to have a hair to his throne demanded the Pope to give him to get a divorce with his wife. Of course, the pope did not grant him his demand since back in those times it was very uncommon for a marriage to end in a divorce. It was even harder to be granted a divorce since the Catholic church did not allow a divorce, even under any circumstances. Not only was there the issue with his wife not being able to have a son with him the king started lusting a younger and more beautiful girl. After that now, both the king and the queen wanted a divorce but the Pope still would not allow them to end their marriage.            Since the Pope would not allow a divorce between the king and the queen, the king decided to leave the Catholic church and start his own just for the British people. Afterwards, King Hennery made his new church he made himself the leader of his new church, he let divorce become legal. With the new British church, people became protestant and it helps the spread of the religion. Very few people still wanted to follow the Pope and his Catholic customs but very few were brave enough to say anything. With King Hennery making his own church and becoming the leader of it the Pope would control almost everything had no more control in England.              The Pope was the one who monitored the king and his political decisions but with the king separating from the Catholic church and making his own it came with a lot of new political changes. The king no longer had to share his power with the Pope anymore which made him an actual king. Not only did the king share power with the Pope he also shared the wealth with him.  The split between the Catholic church and England brought many changes to the British people which were mostly good. The new church that the king made allowed divorce to be legal and help spread the religion Protestant. Also, it helped the people who were taken being taken advantage of by the Pope. Even though the split was caused by the king wanting a divorce from his wife it had many good political changes.Donye (conclusion); In the Protestant Reformation many events happened that have changed