Returning Tunde was not going to let this couple

Returning from a Christmas trip January 2011, Tunde discovered his girlfriend of two years had disappeared. Horrible telephone network in his village had kept him out of reach, so its assumed her silence wasn’t deliberate. She had seen him off to the airport when he was leaving and was going to miss him. Nine months gone, her number remained permanently switched off. Nor could he reach her friend, his only alternative access to her. Inquiries from a mutual friend of theirs yielded nothing. Not a perfect relationship, but they were fine and life was good. Tunde was hurt and deeply worried.Tunde got a call one Sunday morning around November that year. New number. It was a long story, she said, and she needed a meeting with him to share it.Tunde asked the following questions….Are you hurt?No.I mean, were you sick all this while or kidnapped?No. When we meet I will tell you, TundeTundw had moved on and so was indifferent, albeit a little curious. He told her he would schedule a meeting. Sunday afternoon she called again, demanding time and place for the meeting. She can’t wait to see him, she said, and tell him “everything.”  Tunde urged patience, which didn’t stop her from calling also in the evening of the same day.Monday morning like this, a call again from same number. Turned out it was a flash when Tunde picked up. Two, three, four, five flashes. His irritation was building up, so he called back to voice it. “Don’t ever call this number again! Are you hearing me now? Leave her alone! She’s a married woman! Are you hearing me now? Don’t try it!”The male voice was heavy with Igbo accent. Before Tundw could process the insolence, her husband had dropped the call. Tunde called back to ask him what he did to deserve this. The Lady’s husband picked up and placed the phone speaker by some radio or television. Tunde was not going to let this couple ruin his day. He let it go, but Husband was not done with him just yet. He was to learn later that, after they got married, he destroyed her SIM card.He flashed. And flashed. And flashed. If Tunde called back, he would pick up and let his radio bark into Tunde’s ears. By evening, he had flashed Tunde about 180 times. That was the worst Monday of Tunde’s life. Things men face for women.