Rhapsody an AABA’ form. Although the key signature is

Rhapsody in Blue was considered an experimentation in modern
music because, within the time limit of three weeks, Mr. Gershwin created a unique
masterpiece that captivated the audience. It was created in 1924 and became popular
because he defied his time by combining classical music and jazz. Although many
criticized that this piece wasn’t a composition rather a creation of just terrific
tunes. Not only but also, saying it was neither jazz nor a symphony but clearly
this was by far an evolutionary combination. This extensively long composition
could be divided into three works. And if played separately they would still
sound impeccable. This energetic and rhythmic is unforgettable because of its
melodies. This piece contains five themes which are the following ritornello,
train, stride, shuffle, and the love theme.

To start the first theme, ritornello begins with three
measures played by the piano in an AABA’ form. Although the key signature is A
major, we can hear that Gershwin uses accidentals leading to a modulation. Following,
the train theme is not played as a piano solo and we can again see that
Gershwin uses AABA’ form but in C major not leading to a modulation.  Furthermore, the stride theme resembles an AA’BA
form, a modified version of the train theme but then we hear a heavy emphasis
on the last phrase, as well as some parallel harmonies. Next, the shuffle theme,
we hear an internal modulation, which is in AA’BB’A form and it begins with a G
major. We also see that the sequences repeat before returning to the themes
original tonic. Finally, the last theme, the love theme, we can hear that the
theme contains an altering phrase in AA’B form. This masterpiece is rather long
and tedious composition when I listened to Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin,
the version by Lang Lang, and the version by Leonard Bernstein. I personally
liked the version by Lang Lang and the original version by George Gershwin. In
Lang Lang’s version, we can hear a happier tune to this marvelous work created
by Gershwin. While Gershwin’s original piece is quite magnificent. 

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