Sakunboonchuen, weeks which could be used to account for

Sakunboonchuen, Andrew

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22 January 2018



Dear Ms. Alvarez:


My name is Miguel Wilkins and I am a technical analyst for Tech Shield.


Thank you for taking the time to hold our meeting on the 20th of October. I understand that you are busy and have many other things to attend to. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, I am unable to attend the meeting and I would like to request the opportunity to reschedule. I would like to know if it is possible to reschedule our meeting anytime within the next two weeks.


During the meeting, I would like to discuss opportunities for improvement at Tech Shield. Here are some of the topics I have ideas for:


·          Company Morale

·          Time Management

·          Career Advancement


To further elaborate on the ideas, we could have casual Fridays to boost company morale which would allow employees to work better and more efficiently. We can also implement a system of flex weeks which could be used to account for employee travel and overtime. All employees would all benefit from this system. We can also advertise and promote our daycare facilities to employees to encourage them to work longer. Since we already have a daycare facility, it would only have a negligible effect on the budget. Also, we can allow more training for employees to grant them more opportunities to advance their own careers.


Our company has done well this year, and I think discussing these ideas could further help our progress. We managed to curb expenses at Tech-Shield by installing auto-sensors for the lights, encouraging ride-sharing programs, and introducing a day care to help address the expectation of longer hours. 


Thank you for taking your valuable time to read this e-mail.




Miguel Wilkens

Technical Analyst