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Secondary Research Purpose: To study statistics based on customer experience improvement levels and reviews To study customer experience improvement management methods used by other companies To propose a strategic plan and receive feedback from employees Description To select a generation to focus on, we researched Airbnb and its current market. In online reviews and analytical articles, we studied the growth of the company, its past and current marketing techniques, and its target market and demographics that Airbnb currently serves. We studied other scientific journals and researched what the motives are of their current advertisements. To help us determine our generational focus, we researched which age groups currently use this service, looking if we can expand to reach more people in that “most targeted” generation. To gain more insight about the company culture, we thoroughly explored Airbnb and its background. Additionally, we examined the official Airbnb website and studied countless articles along with customer reviews. They have many pictures regarding the types of homes for rent and what types of experiences each country offers. However, we are not able to access their annual reports because Airbnb is keeping their information private from the public. Despite denied access to their annual reports, we were able to contact the executives of the HR department at their headquarters. They were able to give us not exact numbers, brief estimates for their projected growth rates, future plans of corporate development and innovation, as well financial projection. Online review sites allowed us to read and analyze the pros and cons or Airbnb’s customer service. After in depth research, we developed an outline for a possible solution and approached Mr. Vipul Chawla, an expert in marketing management who was currently working with Apple. He gave us feedback on our research and explained customer experience improvement and targeted marketing in depth. He broke down our solution into several parts and helped us compare the drawbacks of each aspect.