Section You can’t surpass any of the average standards

Section 8 (Bubble Map)First of all, A family needs to get paid less than the standard to qualify for section 8.  It also depends where they live in the U.S.  To qualify you need a reason like being a senior, U.S veteran, working 42 hours a week and being disabled. Section 8 is known for helping homeless people get off the streets off it’s important because Section 8 is helping less fortunate people be safe.  Through their work they are impacting families in poverty helping them find a safe place to stay.  Currently Section 8 is helping millions of non-wealthy families have homes.  Can Section 8 really solve the problem of homeless people get homes?  According to all the statics of Section 8 reviews, it’s mostly good reviews and people being satisfied.    Yes, supporting Section 8 can solve low-income people have homes. The Section 8 program provides homes for low-income families and homeless people.  Section 8 was developed because of the idea of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  HUD founded, started Section 8 and was amended in 1974.  Unlike other programs, Section 8 can lower home cost all over the world.  Over 2 million people participate in Section 8.  According to Section 8 Statistics,”Families on the Section 8 waiting list can take years to reach the top and receive a  voucher.”  In other words, it takes a very long time to be given a voucher (years).  Truly, that what section 8 is trying to prevent in these low income people in the United States.   But,for Section 8 You need to be a legal adult (18) to qualify for Section 8.  To qualify you need a reason like disabilities, age.  HUD helped create Section 8 because of all the expensive homes in The U.S.  Families with young kids need a good reflection for their life to be good people when they get older.  San Jose and Santa Clara are really trying to make homes cheaper in San Jose.  San Jose is helping Section 8.  For Section 8 you can surpass 50% of your area median income.  You can’t surpass any of the average standards or you can’t qualify for Section 8.  Affordable Housing #2 (Bubble Map)Another, Affordable housing does help unfortunate families have homes all around the U.S.  The Congress created Affordable housing back in 1934,in the U.S.  Affordable housing helps people with good income and bad  income, while Section 8 mostly targets low income families.  Why does it take so long to finally get a affordable housing apartment.  According to ABC 10, “California lacks an estimated 1.5 million affordable rental units compared to demand.”  According to Affordable Housing In San Jose, “There are 158 low income housing apartment complexes, which contain 18,923 apartments for rent in San Jose, California.”  The quote is basically saying there are tons of affordable housing apartments  in San Jose.  It takes tons of time to get a affordable housing apartments because there are a lot of people applying for it.  Mostly all of the housing vouchers are trying to find good homes for parents with kids so they can live a good and happy life.  Affordable housing was successful because most of the families in poverty were satisfied.  According to The Gap,”The U.S. has a shortage of 7.4 million affordable and available rental homes for ELI renter households, resulting in 35 affordable and available units for every 100 ELI renter household.”  there aren’t enough cheap homes in San Jose.  Affordable housing is successful because so many people recommended it and that’s why it’s so successful.  According to The Gap,”ELI renter households face a shortage of affordable and available rental homes in every state.”  They are saying there are not enough affordable homes all around the U.S.  Clearly, Affordable Housing does work at helping you find cheap and nice homes.Affordable Housing worked by encouraging families in poverty that the vouchers can help find homes for them.  Currently, in San Jose affordable housing are making new building for people can live in them also, so low-income families can live in a home.  What if everyone in this room was low income and didn’t have a home.  They should try to help people who are not as fortunate.  A really big problem in San Jose is that there are more homeless every year.  First of all, teens are more endangered than adults at being homeless because of home problems or not getting enough attention.  Another fact is, over 2,500 people in San Jose are living on the streets.  According to Santa Clara fact sheet on homelessness “72% of chronically homeless  population identified as male ,26% as female.”  So too, There are even more homeless people new than ever.  In Fact, 91% of all homeless people were not sheltered because of the number of homeless people wanting to be sheltered.  45% of homeless live in encampment/outdoors.  It is obvious that the issues surrounding homelessness are clearly much more than ever before because of the rent rise of homes.Section 8 vs. Affordable Housing (Compare and Contrast)  Section 8 and Affordable Housing both have differences and similarities that help the homeless population in San Jose, CA.  One Commonality Section 8 and Affordable Housing have is that they both are willing to help good homeless people that have good reputations and desire to work towards getting a good job.  According to The Balance, “There are certain circumstances which would allow a family with a low-income status to be granted a Section 8 voucher.  “Also according to Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) this is qualifying for them, “Families who pay more than 30 percent of their income for housing are considered cost burdened and may have difficulty affording necessities such as food, clothing, transportation and medical care.  “Another reason why Section 8 is, in my opinion, better is it multiplies the amount you make by 30% to minimize the rent.  Indeed, they both help reduce homeless people on the streets.  Over 2 million low-income people use Section 8, Section 8 was developed for low-income families can have a home.  Although San Jose is lacking non-expensive homes, Section 8 is trying to tackle that problem.  The City San Jose is trying to decrease the cost of homes.  Similarly, they both need a reason like low income, disabilities, mental health, etc.  In fact, both of them will never try to discriminate any religion, race, and color.  Whereas, Section 8 government will pay a portion of the rent.  According to Section 8 “A family can lose eligibility while on a Section 8 voucher.”Like, you must be 18 (Legal Adult) to qualify for Section.  According to Section 8 Housing, ” 8 .75 percent of the vouchers are given to extremely low-income families that earn below  30 percent of the median area income.”  Overall, they all both want to help low-income families have better homes. 43 million Americans still are in poverty and can’t afford their homes.  Besides, some of Section 8 homes are permanent homes.  Instead, San Jose is really lacking cheap and long-term homes.  Nevertheless, They both need a HUD check to follow up the qualification.  Rather, you must be in a stable situation, like a legal resident.  According to National Low Income Housing Coalition, “The U.S. has a shortage of 7.4 million affordable and available rental homes for ELI renter households, resulting in 35 affordable and available units for every 100 ELI renter households.”  Conversely, some of Section 8 vouchers will help single mother that cannot afford to pay rent/food. Also, may allow people with criminal records, but sex offenders will not be allowed.Argument Towards Section 8 Section 8 is a more successful solution to solving homelessness in San Jose.  Section 8 helps people get homes and can help crimes in the city.  First of all, the section 8 program can support homeless people by finding cheap homes.  According to Los Angeles Times, “Those with mental illnesses, substance abuse problems or physical disabilities, and sometimes two or more of those problems.”   Section 8 will help people who are not as fortunate as others.  The Section 8 program can support people by lowering the amount of the home depending on how much they make.  According to Affordable Housing online, “So, if your monthly income is $1,850, you would pay $555 toward the rent ($1,850 X 30%).  If the total rent for the apartment is $850 the assistant pays $295 to the landlord on your behalf.”  According to Eligibility, “Giving families the freedom to move to better, safer neighborhoods has a positive effect on the physical and mental health of the family. This type of move have been show to, among other things, reduce asthma attacks, lessen the occurrence of accidents and minimize behavior problems in children.” First of all, Section 8 will lower the cost of home/rent significantly.  Section 8 is a very good solution to solving homelessness in San Jose.  While it is true Section 8 is better for homeless at getting homes, some research proves that affordable housing low-income families have homes.  Affordable housing is more for low income while Section 8 targets homeless people more than wealthy people.  The important thing to remember is that homeless problems is a big thing around the world and needs to be solved.  Although affordable housing is really good to low-income Section 8 is more effective for problems.  On the other hand, Someone might argue that affordable housing can help in homeless people by providing them with cheap homes.  After people got evicted from the jungle some projects (Affordable Housing).  Came and took some people off the streets and provided people with affordable housing like “Quetzal Gardens.” Also, some good projects like Affordable Housing stepped up and helped those people had nowhere to stay.  Briefly, Affordable Housing really proved that they cared about the people in need , and helped them.  Looking at the high numbers of homeless people in San Jose.  Currently, homelessness is at an all-time high, getting worse by the year.  While, researching 15-24-year-old people are more vulnerable than any other person at becoming homeless.  If we don’t stop people from being homeless, the population of homeless people will increase by a ton.  A kid in San Jose lives in a RV, rent near him is over $6,000 a month.  Hot in the summer, cold in the winter.  They also said it’s small and very crowded.  Since the lost of homes is so vital due to rise of rent in San Jose, we need to support them and encourage them to persevere.  Unquestionable, homelessness is a very dangerous way to lose homes.  According to Eligibility, “The Housing Choice (Section 8) Voucher program, which subsidizes rent for low-income families, is no different. When you think about someone who’d be part of this program, what words come to mind? Depending on your race, gender and background, many things may be dancing in your head. Before drawing conclusions, let’s look at some other characteristics of the Housing Choice (Section 8) Voucher program and the people it serves.”