Segoe of books by William MorrisWilliam Morris (1834-1896) is

Segoe script is one of the Segoe family of brands developed and popular byMicrosoft. Segoe script is popular because it is a handwritten print font, itcontains both the people’s opponents Writing needs (such as advertising /book applications) can be printed to improve efficiency. Segoe script fontsoriginated in the design of books by William MorrisWilliam Morris (1834-1896) is the leader of the British arts and craftsmovement since ancient times was a collector of ancient books and medievalmanuscripts.As a writer, Morris was more concerned with the printing of his poems andfiction than the average person, and he loves collecting ancient books, drawinginspiration from them and beginning to decorate his own collection of poemsby hand. Almost all of Morris’s paintings are decorative and hand-written, andthe books produced in this style are both beautiful and comfortable. Thereason Morris founded the publishing house for manual publishing was that hehad to resist the British occupation then Revolution led to the decline in thelevel of most handicrafts, he wanted to let everyone in this way to rebuildhandicrafts. So in January 1891 he gave his college friend, EdwardBerne-Jones, the two who founded The Kelmscott Press. The main emphasisof the press is on the decorative typography and illustration of the books. Afterpublishing many books, Morris began to attach importance to the fonts andstarted to design unique fonts for each book, such as the creation of a “goldbody” And the medieval “Troy” font. The Kelmscott Press, founded by WilliamMorris, played a very important role in the “Arts and Crafts Movement” in theUnited Kingdom, affecting other publishing companies in the UK andinfluencing the printing industry in Europe and the United States.The Segoe script font is influenced by William Morris. It is more unique anddistinguishable from the regular font through the form of handwriting. Thehandwritten form can make people feel warm and natural. Therefore, this typeof font is widely used in advertisement illustration texts, and in particular, manyneon billboards can show products or businesses closer to people’s lives, suchas barbershop, convenience store, and the like. On the other hand, it is widelyused in book printing. Willam Morris likes the medieval style very much. TheSegoe script font is not as beautiful as the Roman font, but it is also usedwidely in printing classical books or novels.