SEP noise and air pollution and managing the depletion















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of an urban community in such a manner that there are still resources left for
the future generation may be referred to as a sustainable urban development,
but that being said is not that easy to implement without a proper vision and
strategy. A holistic vision is required for sustainable development, where all
the social, economic and ecological concerns are to be considered. In the race
of developing more megacities, the side effects of this development have
started creating hindrances in the sustainable growth of the cities.

most visible effect of this is the increasing influx of people entering the
cities that are under the category of urban poor. This is resulting in growth
of slums around these cities, which is the main cause of spread of health
problem among the people. Increase in noise and air pollution and managing the
depletion of renewable resources has become an issue of major concern. Due to
this there is lack of adequate resources available to the people of poor

urban development is not appearing to be as beneficial for the society as it
was expected by the policy makers. The next major concern is of the increasing
gap between the rich and poor of the society. No doubt that due to development
of cities there is an increase in literacy rate, but still there are some
places on the globe that are not able to catch up with that pace of
development, resulting in drop of literacy rates among those cities. Even on
the cultural aspect, though urbanization has raised cities with diverse
cultural values, but there are many societies in the world that are on the
verge of social and cultural extinction.

this being conveyed, doesn’t mean that there is nothing that can be done to
form sustainable urban cities of the future. A given example of this could be
adopting the people based and place based development approaches. Classification
of local places could help to easily evaluate, what type of infrastructure and
enterprises could be developed based on the classification of the place.
Similarly, the same thing could be done under people based approach, where
certain classifications could be done among the people of various cultures to
initiate community development strategies among various groups. These
approaches are necessary as proper evaluation of a place in terms of economic
and social contexts is important before designing any development strategies
for that place.

urban cities of the future can come into existence, if proper evaluation of
certain aspects is done. For example: The infrastructure and housing projects
that are to be developed in a certain place should consider the affordability
of the population already living there. Or any industry that is to be setup in
a place should first evaluate the losses to the biodiversity and the culture of
that place and formulate strategies to minimize them before setting up any

development only focuses on the modernization of the city, which is not
necessarily a beneficial aspect for all the people of the city. Rather
sustainable developed cities focuses on the overall development of the society.
That is the major reason of sky high prices of housing projects in megacities
that are modernized but not sustainably developed. A sustainable urban city of the
future will have a blend of modernization as well as cultural diversity, a mix
of skyscrapers and open lush green public places. Proper public transport,
affordable housing as well as community engagement are some key advantages of
the sustainable developed city.

major role in developing such sustainable cities is of the public policy
makers. Development of governance systems that is able to plan and create such
cities that are not only advanced and modernized, but also socially diverse.
Polices are required to reduce the use of exhaustible nonrenewable resources
and shift to the use of renewable resources. A proper waste management system
and energy recovery from that waste is a key point that is to be taken care of
by the new governance systems. Major focus is to be given on the environment
safety. All the people in sustainable urban developed cities should have access
to affordable water, sanitation and health facilities.

are needed that focus on consistent development rather than one time
modernization. There are a few things that need proper attention including the depleting
resources and the issue of unemployment. Proper economic diversification is the
need of the hour to produce a sustainable developed future city, which is not
only advanced but also takes care of the holistic development of the mankind.