Sharon into the foster care system because of medical

Sharon Draper’s Forged by Fire discusses a lot of subjects that need to be talked about in our society. The book touches on many important topics, but one of the most recurring ones is children without parents. There were many instances that took place in the book that could have lead to the children being put in an alternative home. Gerald and Angel would have to live without their parents. I have chosen to do research about children without homes and parents to educate others, as well as myself, on this subject.        There are many reasons why children can lose the ability to be with their parents. On average there are 428,000 children in foster care. The children could be experiencing physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. Abuse could have detrimental effects on them for the rest of their lives. They could also have been put into the foster care system because of medical neglect (medical neglect is when a parent or guardian refuses to give the child the proper medical treatment due to religious or selfish beliefs ). Some children have serious medical issues that need the parents’ full attention and care, but if the parent can’t provide that care due to their own personal reasons, then the child would have to be put into foster care. There are many reasons that children are put into foster care, but all reasons are to help the child have a prosperous life.      In Forged by Fire the two main characters have experienced different forms of child abuse that could have resulted in them being removed from their homes. Gerald, the main character, was neglected and physically abused by his mother as a child. When he was three years old he nearly died in a house fire, because his mother left him alone with a lighter. In that situation Gerald’s Aunt, Queen, took him in so he didn’t have to go through foster care. Angel, Gerald’s sister, was manipulated and sexually abused by her stepfather, Jordan, for years, until Gerald came into her life and helped her get justice. They went through a trial and Jordan was sentenced to six to ten years in prison. After the trial Angel was assigned a social worker to help her deal with the pain of being abused by Jordan.  Both children have experienced horrible treatment that would have landed them in the foster care system, but fortunately there were people in their lives who cared enough to help them.         When children are removed from their homes, they are sent to residential group homes, foster homes, and other alternative care homes. according to the Children’s Rights Organization, only 14 percent of foster children are put into group homes and and care facilities. There are many kids who go in and out of group homes and care facilities throughout their lives, Lee says that because some kids never find a safe “forever home”,  “Stays are really temporary — a month or so, as intensive services are provided to parents or kinship care is found. In today’s systems, most often kids go to the foster home that has an empty bed. Some children end up in group homes, shelters or other congregate care facilities. That’s worse.” Some children run away and become homeless because they are being abused by the caretakers that they are living with, or they are uncomfortable with their adopters actions. Other children find a safe and loving adopted family to take care of them. At times some children end up aging out of the system and have to figure life out on their own. Each child’s case is different, but all cases can improve or worsen the quality of the child’s life.            Forged by Fire is very realistic when it talks about the subject of children without parents. Kids being put into the foster care system is very common. On average there are 428,000 children in foster care all over America. I’ve even had friends who were adopted, or lived with another family member because their parents were unable to take care of them. Forged by Fire handled this topic perfectly. It demonstrated possible reasons for children to be removed from their homes such as when Gerald was neglected, and Angel was abused.     In conclusion Forged by Fire tackled the subject of children without parents very accurately. It represented the characters realistically and incorporated the topic with the plot very well. Children having to go through abuse and neglect is horrible and could impact them for years to come. Having somewhere for those children to go after they’ve been displaced is an amazing. When kids find their “forever” home it could have a positive impact on the rest of their lives.