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Should inmates still get the death sentence? I personally think the death penalty should be banned. There are many different ways that we can make a prisoner feel the pain they caused to other people. The death penalty is not the right way to make sure a prisoner gets to go through trouble. I think a prisoner should punished but never put to death. There are so many inmates in the death row.  Taxpayers pay for this and the death penalty is really pricey. The death penalty is such a long process inmates have to wait up to 15 years to be put in the death row.  I think inmates should just be put in jail for life but never to death. Why make them wait 15 or plus years to kill them when sometimes these inmates die from natural causes while they wait to be killed. (Wikipedia) Inmates who are put to the death penalty have committed really bad crimes and that is why they are put on the death row. Some inmates have raped or killed many people. Even though they committed such horrible crimes they should not be killed. They should be put in prisons with strict rules so they learn that what they did was not correct. Inmates with the worst cases should be put to work hard and be punished in hard ways but not death. There are several types of death penalties. The injection, the gas chambers, electrocution, hanging and the firing squad. The inmates get to chose which one they want to get killed with. Although they get to chose it is a super long and pricey process that the court and everyone involved with the case has to go through. People that are put to the death penalty sometimes during the time they are put in a prison they regret what they did and will apologize for their actions. Some inmates that are crazy do not care and will rather get put to death then regret what they did. I just think it is wrong to kill someone for a mistake. We all make mistakes so I do not think it is right for people to be put to death for something they did. If someone get the death penalty they should at least be put to death after a few days that the case has been dismissed not after 15 years. So many people want the death penalty to end. They want it to be stopped. Prison is already a living hell. They should already suffer enough in there and if they have a life in prison then let them live it in prison and no dead. The death penalty will not get revenge and make a person feel what the families or other people of the harm these inmates committed feel. I think they should be put to hard work and should not get sleep. Make them feel pain but in a way they do not die. When these inmates get to prison they fight other prisoners, they get raped, they go through a living hell so that is why they should be kept alive so they can feel pain. I do not think it’s okay to make other people go through pain but it is better than killing someone. If someone is put to the death penalty is the person that is killing the inmate a murderer? Should they get the death penalty too? There are many reasons why the death penalty should be abolished. One of them is, what if the prisoner or the inmate is innocent but they are proven guilty. This is where the mistake comes in. Innocent people are going to jail or prison for something they did not commit and this happens very often. Once someone is put for a life sentence there is no going back that person  will spend their life in prison unless someone tries to fight the case or tries to help them get out of prison. These types of cases are really expensive. Innocent people try to fight and fight but there is times where the evidence shows it is them who committed the case but it was not really them. There is so many little things a person can do when there is enough evidence. They put people to the death penalty who do not have a lot of money for attorneys. People have rights and the right to life and this should not be taken from them for a crime they committed. The death penalty has so many issues going on no one knows how to fix them. This is a big problem in the United States. (Amnesty International USA) Most of the time people who are put to the death penalty are minority groups. For example, hispanics, african american, or people from religious groups. These people are the most disliked in America. A hispanic could be innocent but some judges will not care and put them on a life sentence and the death penalty. There has been a lot of cases where this happens and people do not care. People do not speak up because they are scared. Families have been separated because hispanics are easy targets for cops or the government. African americans are also an easy target. White people are always the ones who can easily get away with things because they are either “mentally ill” or going through a hard time. There has been many shootings in the United States and most of them have been by white males. White males only get called sick or mentally ill. This is not right for the “equality” people should have. Officers kill african american men because they “fear” for their life. Many cops should have been put to the death penalty but they have not because they are white and they did a “mistake”. This is not a mistake when you are killing innocent people. Officers and many police men and woman should be in a jail or a prison serving time but they are not. Some police that have been videotaped killing unharmful innocent people are walking free in our streets today. The death penalty has no value. It shouldn’t be allowed at all. The policeman kill someone by accident and they don’t get punished so why should people that have killed someone in their past get the death penalty. By putting someone in prison they are off our streets. This is why many times people get the death penalty so they will no longer commit crimes. If you are in jail or in prison you no longer can commit crimes you are locked in a maximum security prison with strict rules. If a prisoner is going to commit another crime they will send someone else to do it and that is the only way they are will commit another crime.  There are so many people against the death penalty they think it is not good enough punishment. There are many ways crimes can be prevented. If a prisoner or an inmate have depression or are actually mentally ill they could get help from psychologist in the jail or prison. Many people that kill other people have hate in their heart and that is why they commit the crime. Some do it out of anger and others do it for revenge. Murder will never be the answer but there are some people that do it for self defense. For example, if a person breaks into your house and you are fearing for your life you should either call the cops or hide. Many people stab or shoot a person who has broken into the person’s home. In this case people should have time to do in prison but not get the death penalty. Certain people do not have dignity nor regret in what they do.  This is when they should get extra punishment.  (Against Penalty) The government fights back and forth to see if the death penalty should be abolished or not. This is a very controversial issue. There are about 20 states that do not allow the death penalty. There are 30 states with the death penalty. The only thing the death penalty does is give the government to kill a human being. If citizens are not allowed to kill human beings neither should the government. (Death Penalty Information Center) In case you didn’t know there are special doctors who perform these death rows. They study to kill people. These doctors have the right to kill a human being which is totally not correct. The death penalty makes this okay. Police have a big involvement in this. The police mistreat people and sometimes lie about the person’s behaviors they make the situation bigger than it is. Police brutality is similar to the death penalty. They have to act quick and sometimes make a wrong movement and end up hurting someone or also end up killing someone. Police act so quick because they are on duty and sometimes are very tired and do the first thing that comes up. Most of the time that police kill a person they do not get charged for it. They go through court get fired and/or sometimes just get suspended while under investigation. Cops can get away with many things and this has been a big issue for people because they think it is not fair. One of the reason why the death penalty happens to inmates is because they get snitched by other inmates. Other inmates know information because they find out  they trust each other and confess their crimes to each other. Inmates try to snitch on the other inmates to see if they get a shorter sentence and get the other inmate in trouble.There are many different points of views on the death penalty. For example, the United States wants to take the death penalty away. The Republican party wants has always wanted to keep it, but recently they have been voting to take it away. They think it is right but they need to get the right people. They have to make sure they got the right information about the person and that they got the right person for them to approve of the death penalty. To the Republicans it is a great idea because the inmates will get punished for murder or other bad crimes and that will be their justice. Crime rates will decrease. The Democrat party has always been against it and they have voted on taking it away. They say that people should not be punished with this type of punishment. They want to take it away because they say although someone makes  mistake they should make a different punishment. (Death Penalty Information Center)I am arguing to take the death penalty because in my point of view I don’t think it is right to kill someone for a mistake. If someone is going to kill someone they should do life in prison. They should not wait 10-15 years for the death penalty. People end up regretting what they do and will give the victims families a sincere apology for doing what they did. They will come forward with what they really did and will feel guilty. Many people just want the murder or the inmate to say the truth and to want answers to what drove them to do what they did.