Sigismund he went to Leopoldstadter Kommunal-Realgymnasium. He was an

Schlomo Freud is an Austrian that was born on May 06, 1856. He was first of the
eight children born to Jewish Galician parents. His parents were Jacob and
Amalia Freud. He was born in a small town in the Czech Republic called Pribor.
He struggled through his early years as his father lost his business due to a
financial crisis in the U.S. Later the family moved to Vienna. In 1865, he went
to Leopoldstadter Kommunal-Realgymnasium. He was an outstanding student and
ended up graduating from high school in 1873. He was a passionate about the
subject literature. He was proficient with the languages German, French,
Italian, Hebrew, Greek and Latin. He mostly read Shakespeare’s work which
helped him understand human psychology. He then studied at the University of
Vienna. He joined the medical faculty and graduated with an MD in the year
1881. He loved science, but found out that the practicing of medicine is
unexciting. He tried to pursue in neurophysiological research, but he couldn’t
due to financial issues. He died at the age of 83 on September 23, 1939 due to
drug overdose.

            He is the father of psychoanalysis.
Psychoanalysis is a method of investigating the mind and especially the
unconscious mind. He emphasized the importance of an unconscious mind. He said
the unconscious mind can dominate someone’s behavior in a greater degree. He
revolutionized the study of dreams with his major works. One of them were ‘The
Interpretation of Dreams. Second is ‘The Psychopathology of Everyday Life.’
Lastly his paper, ‘The Ego and the Id.’ He also developed the psychoanalytic
theory of personality development. He mentioned that personality is created by
conflicts among three structures of the human mind: The Id, ego, and superego.
The id is the most primitive of the three structures, it is the basic physical
needs and urges of a person. The superego is the social rules or morals. It is
basically what you think is right and wrong. Most of this develops at a younger
age. The ego isn’t that important, but it is just there to balance out your id
and superego. Most of these conflicts develop are unconscious. These conflicts
in parts of the mind shape our behavior and personality. He believed that
personality develops during our childhood.

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            His works are greatly influenced 20th
century studies that relate to philosophy, science and literature. His famous
psychoanalytical system took over the field of psychotherapy in the early 20th
century and still does today! The Interpretation of dreams, ‘ego and
psychology’ and the study of different languages, set a foundation for modern
psychoanalytical studies and research. Several of his experiments and his ideas
were interpreted as radical by modern-day scientists. Many scientists say that
his works gave birth to modern scientific thinking about the mind and the
fields of psychology, psychiatry and psychoanalysis.

reading upon this psychologist, it made think about what my mind does when I’m
unconscious. It interested me into learning more about dreams and fantasies of
my mind and others. It also taught me that our personalities are triggered by
our unconscious mind. This research made me realize and think about what else
can the mind do. The mind is is everything and how you think can effect your
life and outcomes