Since 12 program such as lack of facilities, equipments,

Since the enactment of the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013, the government has started the implementation of the K to 12 program. The first batch of K to 12 graduates is expected to graduate on March 2018. However, is there really a guarantee that graduates of senior high programs will be able to find a job or start their own business?K to 12 curriculum ensures senior high graduates are already job ready and prepare those who want to proceed on the higher education. Nevertheless, students who choose Technical-Vocational (Tech-Voc) track are the only one who can already acquire employment after high school. Students in this track have an option for entrepreneurship, employment, or further education. While the students who chose other career tracks such as Academic Track still need to pursue higher studies to finish their education. In this case, parents still need to spend more money for the college course their children want to take in the future.There is still no assurance that those who undergo K to 12 will be able to find job easily. Employers are not only looking for credentials, but they also look for experience. It would be nothing if they are incompetent. Tech-Voc students are bound for labor export and contractualization. Some countries do not have laws that protect OFWs. This indicates that they might be underestimated and be deprived of the benefits of a normal worker. Graduates can already build their own business as long as they have investments.Additionally, there are still a lot of flaws of K to 12 program such as lack of facilities, equipments, qualified teachers and error-free textbooks in some schools. According to Philippine Daily inquirer, “Department of Education states that every additional year in the basic education system requires 20,000 to 28,000 public classrooms, translating to a 40,000-56,000 additional classroom shortage for the two-year Senior High School (SHS) program. As a result, the official classroom shortage, including the requirements for the K-to-12 program, will reach over 95,000.DepEd says the implementation of the SHS program will also require an additional 60,000 to 82,000 teachers. The K-to-12 program also requires the printing of a minimum of 60 million textbooks, since textbooks designed for the previous 10-year curriculum will be rendered obsolete.” We know that it is already a big risk when the government starts to implement the    K to 12 curriculum. It’s like we entered a war without any armor.