Since skills into your own to create something new.

Since young, I have always wanted to be special. I wanted to be unique, like no other person in the world. These emotions might have originated from the fact that I have some Japanese ethnicity in the midst of my Singaporean friends, and I loved being different. However, I soon came to realise that I was able to control more aspects of my life, other than my cultural background, to stand out from others and hopefully inspire more people to do the same.    I believe very strongly in originality. I believe that originality creates an identity and makes a person who he or she really is. This uniqueness can come in behaviours, ideas, opinions, decisions and even appearances. It makes you think out of the box, to be innovative, and have the ability to change something for the better.   I have always opposed copying and ripping off someone else’s ideas or style. Personally, I think there is no point in life if you are going to live as another person. Everyone is here for a reason, but nobody is here for the same cause. Can you imagine if we were all clones? Same personality, same thinking, same character, same everything! There will be no progress in our society and life would remain stagnant. This just defeats the way of living as there would be no goals or change.    To be irreplaceable, one must be different. This is one of my favourite phrases. I think it says a lot about being unique and it gives me motivation to continuously strive and create something new and interesting. There is no failure in trying to be original, but when you try and be a replica, you may end up disappointed for there would be standards set that you might never reach. Instead of being an imitation like those fake Oreo brands in the supermarket, we should just be original because everyone likes the real Oreo best.    There is a distinct line between plagiarism and inspiration. In my belief, plagiarism is stealing; trying to pass someone else’s work as your own. On the other hand, getting inspired by others is when you admire them and their work, studying their craft and implying those skills into your own to create something new. Even though some might say that copying is the best way of learning and developing skills, I feel that it is more important to understand the thought process of the original creator, and try improve your own craft, style, attitude or whatever it might be, to learn and be the best version of the one and only you.