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Site selection using multi-criteria decision is one of the most important ability for GIS application which can be helpful for finding the best site on the basis of some favorite factors and constrains. Sitting and find the appropriate place is one of the most important parts of the landfill waste management system for a city. Koya city with a population of 59725 is one of the largest cities in Erbil Province in Kurdistan Regional Government. Due to population increase, in recent and changes in consumption habits of people and the use of packaging materials have all in recent decades increased the waste volume produced in the city. Despite this problem, there is not still an appropriate way to solid waste disposal in this city. One of the most important factors, which should be considered in new waste disposal process, is the location of the disposal center. The suitability of selected site for disposal center affects the amount of generated energy and the cost of disposal generation. Suitable sites should be determined on the basis of technical, economical and socio-environmental issues. Therefore, multiple criteria should be considered in this process. GIS along with appropriate models and spatial analysis method can be used to define the suitability of different locations for the construction of disposal centers. This research focused on determining suitable locations for construction of a suitable disposal centers. Our Case study is Koya city in Kurdistan Regional Government. At first, important parameters in hazardous material disposal center sitting for studied area were identified. Then, the maps of studied area were prepared and integrated. Boolean, index overlay was used for integrating of maps. then Boolean process have been run for finding proper site as the best location.Finally, by Boolean processes, an area has been found. It is the area where is far away from Koya City about 5 kilometers and it covers 15.9 hectares. The majority of suitable area was located in west of city, where waste demand is more than other places.Keywords: landfill sitting, multi-criteria evaluation, Boolean process, geographic information systems, solid waste management, Koya.