“Skyglider!” Aurora. Skyglider appeared and grinned like it was

“Skyglider!” called Aurora. She was searching for her best friend. ( they were playing hide and seek ).  There was no answer. ” I wonder where she is…” said Aurora  to herself. She was a hybrid of a rainwing and a icewing, And Skyglider was a hybrid of a nightwing and a icewing so she was very hard to find. Suddenly Aurora heard a WHOOSH  and  turned around as fast as she could. It was Skyglider! ” There you are!” said Aurora. Skyglider appeared  and grinned like it was very funny to scare her friend. “I think that I did better than last time.” she said in her mysterious voice. Aurora had more of a high pitch voice than Skyglider. ” Well, I can change color.” said Aurora happily. “I know that, duh!” Skyglider responded. ” WHAT ARE YOU STUPID LIZARDS DOING?!?!?” said a familiar voice behind them. Aurora jumped And Skyglider  turned  around as fast as she could, snarling.  It was Phantom, who was their keeper. “None of your business, phantom.”  snarled Skyglider. Phantom was the owner of the orphanage. She was the only one who wanted the job of all the nightwings in the night kingdom, after Darkstalker. It was a sad point of history  in pyrrhia. Skyglider and Aurora are the only dragons (except Moonwatcher,Hope, Kinkajou and Qibli ) to know what happened to Darkstalker and they did NOT intend to tell anyone ESPECIALLY Phantom. ” really? Well, maybe we could just-” she stopped when another nightwing came in the cave. She was the same age as Skyglider and Aurora. Here name was Moonbeam. She was the only orphan that did not judge them. “Hi Moon!” Aurora exclaimed when she came in the cave. Why is she here? Did she follow us?  Skyglider thought.  I can’t trust her. Skyglider thought fiercely.  But if Aurora trusts her, maybe I can too. Whispered a part of Skyglider’s mind. Maybe if I try  hard enough, I can see what is in her