So starts becoming happy and the lyrics in this

So movie starts out with a high schooler who is bullied because he has no friends and he isn’t the best looking guy and he gets to a point of a deep depression. (wings by eden comes in) he starts trying to commit suicide but he is found by his mom before he can do it and she brings him to a counselor and slowly life is looking up for him. He meets a friend named will who is a popular person . (fumes by eden feat gnash). He starts to meet new people through will and starts becoming happy and the lyrics in this song are about not having much but that they’ll be alright. The he meets a girl he really likes and doesn’t know how to approach her(cigarette daydreams cage the elephant) she starts talking to him and he just is super quiet and can’t say anything because he is too afraid. But besides that she keeps trying to talk to him and he keeps trying to talk but can’t. He keeps moving through life feeling partially happy he is a senior now (he was a freshman) and he still hasn’t talked to that girl and she has given up on him during their junior year. He finally gets the courage to talk to her.  She starts to get mad because she had spent 2 years trying to talk to him and he wouldn’t talk to her and he tries explaining it to her but she walks out of the room and leaves him alone in the room (come a little closer by cage the elephant.) He loves her but she hates him now and he is really upset and his life is falling apart his grades are slipping he is doing alcohol with will and will has become a bad influence. One of the parties will throws he invites the girl he likes that hates him and he gets very drunk and she gets concerned and takes him to her car and drives him home and makes sure he is ok and goes inside with him to do stuff for him and get him sober and she stays the night  and stays on the couch while he is in bed passed out. The next morning she makes him breakfast and hangs out with him.  They start to hit it off and they kiss and he apologizes for everything and she says she has always been looking out for him. They end up marrying each other and he is no longer friends with will and they have 2 children. He goes into the army and becomes a respected general(general by dispatch) he ends up retiring and they grow old and pass away holding hands.