“So, this stage to prevent your bod to act

“So, when it comes to circadian
rhythms, it’s a clock that’s basically programmed in our body.” – by Shelby
harris. Humans and animals share that common stages of sleep through a stage
called non-rapid eye movement and rapid eye movement (REM). Even though our
sleep stages don’t fall in order sometimes, the first stage of sleep is called Non-Rem
1 is when your brain starts to produce theta waves. Non-Rem one is a very light
sleep where you doze off in and out of a nap or sleep and can be easily awaken.
For instance, a dog bark, doorbell, a teacher or anyone calling you name, etc. Hypnagogic
hallucinations are transitional state from being awake and sleep. Hypnagogic
hallucination is vivid, dream-like sensation that we hear, feel, smell, and see
that happens near the onset of our sleep. In Non-Rem 1, plethora of people like
me understands the sudden muscle contractions preceded by a sensation of

2, on the other hand is a bit harder to wake. Non-Rem 2 is a deeper way in sleep.
The brain produces more theta waves and sleep spindles and k complexes. Sleep spindles
are more like a burst of oscillatory brain activity visible on an EEG that
occurs during stage 2 sleep. Sleep spindles help prevent cognitive processes, so
we can maintain a peaceful state while we sleep. In stage N2 you can sleep through
loud noise. For instance, music, people talking, dark barks, and door bells. K complex
helps our body to stay asleep. K complex also overwhelm cortical arousal, helps
transfer short term memories to long term memories. K complex can come nature &
you can also make them happen. Despite N2, N3 Is the deepest sleep out of all Non-rem
sleep. N3 starts between 34-45 minutes after sleeping. Our brain waves calms and
become bigger (beta waves). N3 you sleep thought all sleep disturbances. In N3 most
people talk and walk in this stage. REM (Rapid Eye Movement) (aka Paradoxical sleep)
is the last stage of the sleep cycle. Eye move very fast underneath your eye lids.
Most muscles are paralyzed in this stage to prevent your bod to act out your dreams.

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