Social goals. Whilst both thrive on improving, enhancing and

Social work profession is unique from the
Counsellor profession for the reason that its
focuses on the Person in Environment (PIE) ; 
how the environment influence the person an person influence the
environment rather than directly helping the person with problem. However a counsellor helps an individual to
overcome or deal with a specific problem or certain issues on a face to face

The key elements of both professions entail
the process to provide service when you want to make a change in your life. An
opportunity to make sense of your individual circumstances and contact with
relevant person and or make referrals to helps identify the choices for change.
Also support for the individual during their process of change while ensuring
the end result leaving individual better equipped to cope for the future.

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Social workers try to identify the client system and target system, make
appropriate links between both systems and provide suitable assistance to
reduce dependency through enabling and improving competence in the person. In addition the counsellor profession empowers
individuals, families, and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness,
education, and career goals. Whilst both thrive on improving, enhancing
and promoting growth each displays its uniqueness in their respective approach.

Counselling and social work
is more than just a job. They both require a great deal of time and energy in
advising persons, helping them realizes their full potential and supporting
them along the way. Social work distinctive approach support the cause in implementation of
policies that enhances the betterment within their environment, families’,
individuals, community, especially children, elderly, vulnerable and over all
society. The work is “social”, in the
aspect that the social worker facilitates relationships, establishes
connections, and secures goods and services for an individual with a physical
or psychological disability. Within the counselling profession there are
more face to face interactions with guidance or assistance is given in
resolving personal or psychological problems. Counsellors’ are proficient at
helping people work through their emotions and develop coping strategies and adapt
to their environments. Social workers do those things, too, but they may also
spend a lot of time doing the reverse: adapting the environment to the client
and client to the environment.