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Networking Ethical Issues

June 14, 2017, the small community of Rockaway Township was devastated of the
apparent suicide of 12-year-old Mallory Grossman.  Seth and Dianne Grossman daughter died
following months of online bullying from several classmates.  Mallory was your typical pre-teen who enjoyed
gymnastics and cheerleading, she enjoyed making jewelry and sold them to raise
money for Camp Good Days. Mallory enjoyed this camp because it targeted
children with cancer and children who have lost someone to cancer.  Mallory had two sisters, a brother, friends,
lots of cousins, aunts and uncles.  In
the fall of 2016, several classmates at Copeland Middle School began bullying
Mallory on social networks.  They would
send her mean text messages, and post them on Instagram and Snapchat.  They would give her dirty looks, excluded her
for school activities, and humiliate her often. 
Many of the social network messages would call her a loser and say “Why
don’t you kill yourself”.  After weeks
and months of bullying, Mallory Grossman decided to take her life.

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the past decade, social networking has had a profound effect on our society.  It’s hard to imagine life without
technologies such as computers, gaming devices, cell phones, and other
networking devices.  Social Networking,
and their associated technologies have altered our social and personal
experience of the world.  Human behavior,
strategic thinking, and lifestyles has seemingly transfigured the vast
acceptance of social networking. Internet users are fascinated and mesmerized
by online social networking tools. These tools are able to improve
communication competences and social networking with endless future potential
extension. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, are the most popular social
networking sites that are commonly used on a day by day basis.  Social network users, use these sites to network
with their families, friends, build business relationships or meet with other
internet users.  These sites can be
considered as the three best sites to depict how social networking changed our
way of life.  Even though social
networking was built to improve and extend human communication, there are concerns
and verges that should be considered on the ethical responsibilities.  This shouldn’t be taken less in the aspect of
priority, consideration and effectiveness towards ensuring good morality, uprightness
and virtue in human capital development.

Social networking sites such as Google,
Facebook, and LinkedIn have enormous number of both followers and users. These
sites vigorously share and advertise information in social media instantly
during or after an event. Due to lack of consciousness upon the danger of
social networking, these active users are often exposed to be publically
targeted since they are available and searchable through their profile
pages.  These pages contain personal identifiable
information (PII) such as location and phone number. Furthermore, the propagation
of web-enable mobile devices prompt collection of information for sharing on
these sites.


Despite of its functionally capability
and useful potential in social and development of growth in human’s
communication, there are many ethical issues in social networking that should
be taken into consideration. The internet holds a lot of data and it is always
a serious concern for privacy issues in social networking sites. Privacy can
easily be violated, anywhere, anytime, including in online social network
communities.  This can cause intrusion,
misuse of information, interception of information, and information matching.
With the usage of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) devices, users are subject
to receive a data policy that might surreptitiously take advantage of user’s
privacy to legally and unambiguously target people with advertising ads.  Social networking sites have become a vital
element for modern lifestyle and communities. Even though the growth of social
media sites is imposing, it is strongly believed that there should be a balance
between progression and control towards a more flourish and ethical society.


In September 2017, it was reported
that Facebook and LinkedIn are the most valued social media platforms for
business use.  This comes to no surprise because
Facebook has the largest user rate and LinkedIn has been created with business
objectives, making it a perfect platform to generate leads and increase
conversion.  Businesses use social networking

· increase visibility

· build professional networks

· develop relationships with

· share curated links

· generate new customers and boost


it comes to using business in social networking, it helps to have a list of business
communities that you can reference. Communities often generate revenue, lower costs
or in the best situation.  Business
communities are self-organized network of people that have common agendas,
interest, and other resources.  Success
in social networking for business requires a social media plan Also, it’s
important to focus on social networking platforms that customers target. The
American youth are the future of our society. They will go forward and shape
societal norms, public policy, customers, and be our future leaders.  No matter if you are searching for a former
college roommate, a teacher, or an international friend, social networking is
the fastest way to make a connection exists than social media. Although
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are probably the most well-known
social networking communities, currently new websites are popping up regularly
that let people connect and interact over the Web.