Some an hour less during spring. Most of the

Some of the Reasons That Triggered the Petition to End
Daylight Saving


Daylight saving is a scheme that requires the clocks in
America to be adjusted one hour more on winter and one hour less in spring. The
effect is that during the day people have to work for more hours during the day
and in winter the number of hours are lessened. It thus implies that people
will have an extra hour to sleep when winter comes by and have an hour less
during spring. Most of the scholars claim that this scheme was started during
the First World War with an aim of saving on the energy that America was
utilizing during the war. Many people have come up with reasons to show that
these scheme is not useful anymore to the American people which led to the congress
to petition to end daylight savings. The article will discuss some of the
reasons that triggered the petition to end daylight saving.

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Most of the employees will take time before they can adjust
from winter to spring which means that they may make some faults when they are
operating the machines. It is something that has seen an increase in the number
of workplace injuries that are experienced in the industries. The employer’s thus
suffer a lot when it comes to compensating the workers that getting hurt when
they are discharging their duties.


When the students have one more hour to sleep during the
winter the get used to this which makes it more difficult to transit from that
to the one hour less of spring. It is something that can be attributed to the
poor performance that most students display during the period just after


Also, daylight saving is not okay to the health of the American
citizens since it alters their exposure to the sun. It is something that can
make the body to produce melatonin which is the hormone which is charged with
the mandate to cause sleep in the body. It is for this reason that the researchers
claim that daylight saving make most of the people to have Insomnia. Apart from
that, studies conducted at the University of Alabama indicated that there are
more people dying of heart attack during the months when the daylight savings
are switching.


It is from the things that have been discussed in this item
that it can be concluded that daylight savings are completely unnecessary to
the USA. It is due to these reasons and many other that led to the petition to
end daylight savings.