Some is affected by this issue and for an

important insides of prime Minister’s speech contain a longer historical
background and this speech centering on these issues.

Drone attacks are pre planned program which are controlled by USA.They think it
is a helpful tool which control terrorism to target the battler. This program
is also launched by other countries like Afghanistan except Pakistan. Drone
attacks has got an attention of publicl at international level was main point
of PM’s speech.Pakistan is affected by this issue and for an atomic country and
the country with strongest security forces, this problem is a question mark at
the reputation of that country so this issue was main focus of words of prime
minister. The history of Drone issue is more than a decade. The second pressing
issue was terrorism its effects on country and it is the reason of bad image of
muslims and pakistanis especially at international level. DR.Afia matter was
also a part of his speech but that was not equal to the level of Drone atracks.
Dealings with india and the problem of kashmir were also under his study. Both
these issues are still unsolved and also have larger histirocal background. After
the seperation of Pakistan from India there has always been problem in
relations of Pakistan and India.

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the issues were the main points of his speech in United states of America. Here
there is a brief presentation of the issue of Drones. The person who is foreign
to Pakistan must know these issues below to understand this research properly.

Pakistan the history of drone attacks is very short.  Drone attacks started by the government of
that time in reaction 9/11. Exact date of these drone attacks was june18, 2004
and location was North west of Pakistan (Fata). This movement started in George
W.Bush’s time and it continued till the Government of Mr.Barak Obama.

raised their voice against this fatal death game and forced them to stop
because the strikes not only break territorial integrity of Pakistan but also
put to death many innocent barehanded Pakistanis. But Obama government has
always refused this fact. These are strikes also misdemeanor of “UN charter of
human rights”.

were two main groups which also have sub-groups. On one side United States of
America with help of NATO and CIA were operational and on the other side
fighter groups like TTP, Afghan Taliban,Al-Qaeda, and some other foreign
activists were working. Shamsi air base had provided by pakistan for these
strikes till 21 April, 2011. If one take aerial view of whole programme, the topmost
strikes rate was in 2010 and 849 people along with 16 innocent people were
killed, 93 people were being hit and only one terrorist was killed in 2006. If
we make a comparison of Givernment of Mr.George W Bush and Mr.Barak Obama’s we
observe that during the region of Bush administration, every 43days there was
an American drone attack in Pakistan: For the first two years of Obama’s
command, a drone strike was there for every four days. More than 286 people
were killed by drone. From the begining of these strikes, voices were raised
against these strike by Pakistani courts and government. A large number of
Pakistanis was also against these strike. On the other hand an American article
says that drones are legal and do not violate any rule but it is permissible under
U.N charter and under article 51 of united nations.Under American laws these
strikes are not illegal.Cong(2001).

attacks and U.S invasion in Afghanistan results terrorism. More than fifty
thousand people were the victim of terrorism and this death rate is rising day
by day. Dr.Afia Siddique who was Pakistani citizen were arrested in charge of
violation on U.S forces and sent to U.S jail for 86 years. A large number of
resist movements started in favour of Dr.Afia but all in vain. Every government
has raised this issue but no deal it seriously.

and downs has always faced by Pakistan in realations with India. On borders
open fire has weakned the relations. There are problems regarding water treaty
and also issues of relations between two countries.

problem is burning issue between India and Pakistan and this issue is still
unresolved. Pakistan and India has a common destiny said by prime minister in
his speech in Washington. Both these countries try to solve their problem
peacefully. This issue contain larger historical background.