Starbucks being the favorite coffee brand of most consumers.

coffee is considered as one of the largest success stories in American history.
The founders of this company started from humble beginnings and has worked its
way to the top earning a rank as one of the 100-top most powerful brands
worldwide. The company garnered various awards from being the favorite coffee
brand of most consumers. With more than 20,000 branches all over the world,
that proves how much people loves starbucks that they stuck to their favorite
brand and thus, witnessing non stop growth and development of the Starbucks
coffee. Building consumer loyalty has been the first priority of starbucks,
they won the hearts of each consumer by offering them quality and unique
service from all other coffee shops. The unique service that the company offers
is actually the reason why Starbucks attracted so many people- from
personalised coffee and making them feel at home when they order their coffee.


 The Starbucks coffee first opened in Pike
Market Place, Seattle, Washington in the United States back in 1971. The name
Starbucks was evoked from romance of the high seas and the seafaring tradition
of the early coffee traders. Starbucks was founded by Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl
and Gordon Bowker, who met while they were students at University of San

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is known for its great coffee. It is also known for its genuine service. When I
first walked in to a Starbucks store, the aroma of the world’s finest
fresh-roasted whole bean coffee is the first thing that is going to welcome
you. You will notice that people stay there either to do work or to spend great
time with other people. Their coffee house is a great community that is always
filled with joy and laughter. By the counter, you will be greeted by servers
with charming personality, and if you think your drink was made with a mistake,
they will not hesitate nor think twice to remake your drink.


to Forbes magazine, Starbucks is #49 top regarded company in the world.
Starbucks, with twenty-four thousand branches collectively, has
successfully expanded their business in 70 different countries in the world.
(Forbes, 2017) Their first international coffeehouse was first opened in Tokyo,
which was warmly welcomed in 1996. Starbucks connects community, which
transcends language and culture. This is why millions around the world have
embraced Starbucks.


 It was on December 4, 1997 when the Filipinos
had its first taste of starbucks experience when they opened their first branch
in Makati City. The branch is located in the business district of Metro Manila
perfect location for coffee lovers. According to their website, Philippines is
the third market to open outside North America meaning to say that Filipinos
are widely known for their love for coffees. The coffee retain its crown as the
staple drink of filipinos, that even big fast food corporation have to adapt to
the filipinos’ obsessive cravings for coffee. One perfect example for that
scenario is when the famous international fast food chain McDonald’s added Iced
Coffee to their menu.


logo of starbucks has a long history as well.  The original logo of
Starbucks was the image of a Greek mythology. It is a “twin-tailed mermaid,” or
siren. This Greek mythology uses sirens to lure sailors dock their ships off
the coast of an island in South Pacific. Starbucks logo was used as a metaphor
to lure coffee lovers from every corner of the world. Through decades,
Starbucks logo underwent noticeable changes. Even after all the changes, the
‘Mermaid/Siren’ logo still remains, despite the business design corporate
polished look and which became the heart of Stabucks and helped the company
become what it is today.


            The development and success of
Starbucks is recognized by all sectors but this would not be possible without
the help of their loyal consumers who have been with them every step of the
way. The heart of Starbucks will always be their customers. The company’s main
business communication is to connect to their customers via unique and quality
service. For me, one the key aspects in satisfying their customer and retaining
them to be loyal to their company is how their baristas interact with the
customers. All their baristas in my experience are very well trained when it
comes to interacting with their customers – from creating a rapport with a
smile and a “good morning” upto shouting the names of the customers once their
order is ready. A major contribution to that is the company created their own
language for the customers, one example of language is knowing the sizes, a
small is a tall, a medium is a grande and a large is a venti . One of the
pillars of a great customer service is the staff having a proper training,
support from the management, and tools for them to gain the ability for
autonomy and decision-making when interacting with the customers. (Martins,
2012) “Through regular communication with
customers even during times of strife and duress, a company would be able to
keep customers at ease and prove to be an indispensable ‘partner’ even in good
times.” (Newman, 2017) The baristas are there to make your life easy and
make you the best day by getting the best coffee in the world as they claimed.


Additional tool
to their success is adapting to technology by offering free wi-fi when you
order anything in their menu. “The business
‘market’ today is extremely volatile, and only those companies will survive
that learn to adapt swiftly to changes.” (Newman, 2017) This has become
one the best campaign they did for their customers. Starbucks keeps up with the
ever changing technology by offering free Wi-Fi because they learned that most
of their consumers – from businesswoman to students all around the world who
purchased their coffee does their work in their store because they like the
smell of brewed coffee plus good playlist that helps increase their
productivity and drive to study/work. Thus, making starbucks coffee their third


            It is amazing how one brand can
change people’s lifestyle that some people has actually considered Starbucks as
their third home from countless of group studies during college, and client
meetings growing up. This company continues to succeed by sticking to their
heart which is their customers by knowing their wants and needs and adapting it
to their superb service. Let’s not forget to aknowledge the people behind the
smile of each customer- the employees who used positive practices and empathy
to build starbucks community. Indeed, starbucks experience is unique from all
others and this is evident to the success of Starbucks.