Statement during my pre-university days and thus began my

Statement of Purpose

Rajesh Burla

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Creation stimulates a sense of astonishment that prevails long after the process is complete. In this era, we get to see millions of new creations surface and the fanaticism of the consumers over them. This idea of designing something new for the benefit of its users has developed in me an immovable affinity towards electronics and computer science. The seeds of my interest in these fields were sown during my pre-university days and thus began my journey into the world of electronics and computers. Everything about them dazzled me, from their uses to innumerable applications and games. I started delving into knowing more about it through books, internet and from people who knew better. With this inspiration, I earned my baccalaureate in Electronics and Communication Engineering at Vel Tech University Chennai, which is graded as a leading university in south India with the highest score of 98% in the eighth semester and over-all CGPA of 8.04 out of 10. Prior to my undergraduate degree, I studied Mathematics and Physical Science at my high school.

Over the course of my undergraduate program, I was fortunate to have crossed paths with professors with immense experience and expertise in their field of study, which gave me an opportunity to work on research and development projects at university’s research park. These work latter published in several reputed national and international journals. I have participated and won in various technical contests.

My curiosity to dive into topics beyond the curriculum resulted to develop many embedded and software projects in the university labs and renowned industries. In my second year of under graduation, to maintain our university student’s health data for the allied hospitals, I developed the project ‘NextGen healthcare record keeping system for Vel Tech hospitals’ with Java which worked well with the integration of the RFID chip. In senior years, I have developed ‘Mobile controlled robot with obstacle avoider’ and ‘Low-cost flasher using a D1351 transistor’ at Hewlett-Packard and Kwality Photonics Pvt. Ltd respectively. Designed a low-cost flasher using a D1351 transistor for the existing system by which the cost of the circuit got reduced from 145/- INR to below 95/- INR for the latter project. To bring energy proficiency and cost-effectiveness in the agriculture sector, the project named ‘Automated Irrigation System Using Evapotranspiration Sensors (AISUES)’ was developed using Atmel AVR MCU and embedded C++ to minimize the problems due to evapotranspiration in the agricultural fields. For this project, I won first prize with a cash value of 50,000/- INR in TECHfluence-A Technology Carnival, organized by Government of Tamil Nadu Technology Development and Promotion Center (TNTDPC) of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) at Sathyabama University, Chennai, India.

During the final year of my undergraduate program, I got an opportunity to work with the National University of Singapore (NUS) on their research project for the design and implementation of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) aimed at the detection of neurodegenerative diseases using digital image processing in MATLAB. I still remember the day where the final output was seen, several lines of code gave life to objects rotating and revolving at the mercy of the user’s command. The child in me went berserk and my love towards the creation of new algorithm made the codes skyrocketed. The programmer in me grew in poise and it offered an understanding on increasing the efficiency of a design while catering to numerous requirements in parallel. This not only groomed me technically but also helped me work with international talents. It was just a beginning.

Somewhere inside me, I always had the craze to know what the software industry is all about and how that can help any hardware application function effectively. This triggered me to find a job as Software Engineer at IBS Software Services Private Limited, a globally reputed IT industry dedicated to Travel domain. As a full stack developer, analyzing and implementing different logics for various scenarios made my run a challenging one.  I keenly learnt several programming languages and got expertise in core Java, advance Java, SQL, AngularJS and many more. Based on my Java programming skills, I was selected to work as an end-to-end developer for the cruise module in iTravel, a flagship product for digital reservation platform tailored for travel companies and tour operators. Having more than two years of hands-on experience on the product, I have provided technical guidance to business analysts, gathered the requirements and converted them into technical specifications/artefacts.

Technology always creates a thirst to know more and more. It puts us in a place to practically implement the concepts too. The development phase of the SDLC helps us achieve the same. Captivated by the architecture of company-owned Sprout framework, a customized and more advanced version of spring framework, I have been developing prototypes for a variety of complex requirements.  I have also worked on few complex architectures such as Chronos, a framework based on canvas, an HTML element which can be used to draw graphics using scripting languages (usually JavaScript). For instance, this can be used to draw graphs, make photo composition or simple (and not so simple) animations. Having implemented such an intricate framework, I received appreciation not just from the product owner but from the functional bodies too. Delivery of products with fewer bugs and minimal defects has been my priority throughout, which made me win, the most honored “Best Debutant” award from our organization.

With this confidence and having acquired the aptitude skill, knowledge and work experience, I want to continue the mission of enhancing my proficiency in the field of computer science which in long-term will help me attain my vision to become an Entrepreneur. To succeed with this goal, I am enthusiastically looking for a school with the best faculty, extraordinary peers, and outstanding study and research facilities, which can help me conquer my determinations.

I believe that pursuing MSc in ____________ at ____________ will offer me the perfect platform to nurture my interest and expand my knowledge. I firmly trust that completing my Masters at your prestigious university which is ranked among the best in Ireland will help me take my career to the next level. I am extremely confident that my skills will improve significantly with your guidance and expertise. It will be an honor to receive a degree from your university.

After consulting with my peers and seniors, I firmly believe that Ireland is the best choice to pursue my Masters. It is a beautiful nation admired for its serenity, people’s warmth and is known to be the friendliest country. Moreover, it is home to most of the top IT companies in the world and is one of the fastest growing economies. In addition to this, my cousins who are residents of Dublin have encouraged and supported me with my decision to study in Ireland.

My ambition is to give life to different ideas through my knowledge, application skills and acquired expertise which will contribute to a better lifestyle.

I humbly and most sincerely request you to consider my application for admission at your reputed University/ Institute of Technology. I am confident that I will uphold the reputation of the university and become a strong ambassador for the programme after graduation. I assure you, if given an opportunity, I would dedicatedly work towards excelling in all my assigned tasks and achieve goals expected from me by the University/ Institute of Technology and everyone associated in learning.