Stop Google’s revenues clearly show that advertising is becoming

Stop adblock, this is a protest against programs that block ads on blogs. For example, Google’s main money continues to receive from advertising and search. This also applies to bloggers and sites that work with Adsense. And according to their allegations, advertising is not so easy to make money.CPCs show that more and more customers are starting to pay less for each advertisement. At the same time, the total number of advertising dollars is increasing. This means that in the coming years advertising in Google will only be more. Google’s revenues clearly show that advertising is becoming cheaper, and its number is increasing. The quality of a large number of advertisements, possibly, will decrease. The relevance of ad blockers is only growing. People who do not want that they constantly flashed advertising will need a lot of new tools that will allow to destroy all advertisements. Which of course will reduce our profits from AdSense.Note that Google has signed an agreement with the developers of AdBlock Plus and paid them substantial money. Thanks to this their advertising is not blocked by this program. But other programs remain, like the usual adblock. And now, they just affect these very incomes that do not grow, but float, because people do not click on advertising. In this case, most likely visitors use special add-ons, plug-ins for browsers that skim advertising, making it invisible.The most popular plug-ins are Adblock and Adblock Plus, which you can embed in any browser.If you install the dSero AdBooster plug-in (only if the site is written in WordPress) and track visitor statistics, in some cases, the number of users with ad blockers reaches 40%.The question is – how to bypass Adblock? No way. Otherwise, could this extension become so popular?And what should I do?1. You can ask visitors to disable Adblock on your site.2. You can write to technical support Adblock and ask them to include your site in the “white” list, but in this case the project should not be similar to the “Christmas tree” and this does not always help.3. As you know, Adblock blocks advertising of standard sizes. You can use non-standard banners and forms, or a little change already installed.4. Another way to “persuade” visitors to disable Adblock with the WordPress plugin is better-stop-adblock.But the effect of using plug-ins against AdBlock can be such that someone disables Adblock, and someone just closes the page. Hence, it is necessary or able to persuade, or provide, really, the necessary information.