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Hudson Kayak
Adventures Review

In the textbook, students learn that a business profile defines a
company’s overall functions, processes, organization, products, services,
customers, suppliers, competitors, constraints, and future direction. The first
step is to create an outline using the facts presented in the background
statement as follows:

Business Activities

HKA has three fundamental business operations
as follows:

1.      Guided

2.      Kayak

3.      Instruction


The organizational chart comprises of
three members namely; Steve, Linda Lane and Janet Jacobs. Janet is a local
college student whereas Linda handles most of the IT related work at this time.


At present, HKA is not selling any products.
Linda suggested offering a selection of books and videos about kayaking and
eco-tourism. Basically HKA offers kayak rentals, instruction and guided tours
but if they strive to expand the business, HKA would think about other services
like kayak repair and maintenance, sales and expansion of the HKA Web site to
share more information about kayaking, and Elderhostel tours.


HKA’s business is split evenly between reservations
and walk-in customers that may have different profiles and might respond to
marketing and pricing policies in a different way. Similarly, HKA three main
functions appeal to different customers but with better information, HKA will be
able to understand the needs of its customers and measure the possibilities of
promotions, special discounts etc.

Future Direction

With better
strategies, HKA seems to be doing well after two years in business. The Lanes
would like to realize the business growth that they need more information in planning
for the future. A business support system with decision support features would
enable the Lanes to observe possible business opportunities by generating
business models and using what-if analysis.

Model for HKA’s Main Functions and Business Processes

A model
has been designed to portray main functions and business processes of HKA
including events, sub-processes and results as follows in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Information systems used by HKA

the system represents a manual transaction processing system where the
transaction data is managed by the MS Access database. Utilizing the manual
system, visible display of kayak availability provides business support but
lack of decision support and what-if capability makes the system outdated. An
inexpensive accounting system managed by Linda is a user productivity tool but Lanes
needs more authentic information about scheduling, rental forms, customer
profiles, marketing and upcoming business opportunities. Furthermore, Linda is
considering incorporation of new business functions, such as adding books and
videos. Undoubtedly, the HKA’s IS do not support the company’s current business
activities and will be incompetent to support future goals.

Properties of kayak objects

object is a member of a class, which is a collection of similar objects, and
that objects have characteristics called properties. Because an object can
represent a person, thing, or event, a reservation can be represented as an
object. The properties of a kayak object might include an ID number printed onto
the exterior by the company, an HKA “stock” number, model number, cost, year
purchased, length, single or double, sit-on-top or sit-in, color, and similar specifications.