Students When You Graduated” system are required to take

Students attending Shady University holds a promising future. The University’s mission is to ensure and preserve access to higher education for all students, particularly those from low-income families since low-income students are less likely to pursue higher education due to the unreasonable expensive tuition. SU challenges the societal treatment of low-income constituents by implementing programs that no other institutions have created. Our most famously known programs are the “Pay When You Graduate,” the “Smile for Success” system, and the “Oh My Gosh! What Now?!” program. Students under the “Pay When You Graduated” system are required to take part in the Co-Op program. Co-Op will help students pay back the “Pay When You Graduate” tuition by giving students job opportunities while attending school. Compared to other universities, our students will not struggle to pay their tuition back because of the resources we have at SU. Shady University also has the “Smile for Success” system. This system guarantees that students are able to obtain a job indefinitely after graduating. “Smile for Success” collaborates with industries around the globe, ranging from America, Europe, Asia, and Australia to provide jobs that are reserved for our students first. Although it is wonderful that students are preparing for their major, but what about preparing for the real world? How will students survive on their own? Being “book smart” is already obtained in the school environment, but what about “street smart?” Well, instead of just educational stuff, the “Oh my Gosh! What Now?!” program will educate students on how to survive in the real world. For example, you may hate accounting and all that math, but how about courses that teaches you how to take care personal banking accounts? At Shady University, no student will have to worry about the future because we prepare them for the future, we are the future.