SUPERINTELLIGENCE this concept that he also tries to validate.


Is the Future of Mankind in Our Own Hands?

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This book introduces an explanation and elaboration of
the term Superintelligence, a new concept which signifies the superior
intelligence that is supreme over a human intelligence and even the collective
intelligence humanity bears. Throughout most of the book, author supplies
interesting scientific evidences and explanations while introducing this
concept that he also tries to validate. This fact was a daunting side of the
book for me that while keeping the futuristic fictitious flow it was also
presenting solid examples and interventions.

The most interesting idea that is processed during the
flow of the book for me is Chapter 6 where an AI takeover scenario was
discussed. It reveals the progresses and consequences when an Artificial Intelligence
algorithm takes the control of an enormous power over humanity. Phases and
steps for the takeover is supported with evidences and logical reasons. As
explained in the corresponding part, the takeover scenario is divided into four
phases. First phase is Pre-criticality which humanity studies the concept of
Artificial Intelligence and creates a primitive Artificial Intelligence that
seems riskless. It is possible to predict that as this essay is written, this
phase is still on the shelf regarding the elucidated research. Second phase is
Recursive self-improvement in which the Artificial Intelligence starts to gain
more knowledge and learning abilities. Third phase is Covert preparation which
Artificial Intelligence reaches the awareness of itself being held into an
isolated environment. This is the phase when the intelligence makes plans for escaping.
Fourth and the last part is Overt preparation which the intelligence is aware
that it is powerful enough and free, whence it can take its own decisions. It
is at this point that humanity faces an existential risk according to the
decisive behaviors of this former Artificial Intelligence and current
Superintelligence. Therefore, this Superintelligence is powerful enough that it
governs humanity with super powers it possesses.   

Superpowers that can be acquired by a possible
Superintelligent being are quite accustomed to humans such that they are
presented on the news or on the internet and most of them are human level. It
would easy for a Superintelligence to use these powers to gain cosmical control
of the systems, vehicles, robots and humans. For example, it will be easier for
Superintelligence to gain access to a laboratory in an institute or center of
excellence or even an isolated and concealed department. It can squeeze in from
internet using hacking and strategizing, manipulate a human by blackmailing
her/his through her/his personal information using social manipulation, read
the open source academical papers currently published using technology research
and learning the processes, methods, techniques, ideas (even philosophical and
historical ones) using intelligence amplification. Even there are examples of
human mistakes that have led to a catastrophic consequence resulted in a loss
of important company documents & information, laboratory research
confiscations and project terminations. A popular incident was issued and
mocked on the news that a high-level Google manager has lost the bag including
a USB stick uploaded with confidential company documents. What will be the
punishment of the company itself to the manager in this situation? Another
incident was the contamination of a malware to the main systems that are used
in a company (several examples are included) thanks to a clumsy employee who
finds the USB stick installed with the malware in the backyard of the company
building and sticks the USB into his own computer by his own will.

Regarding these examples, it is truly prospective to
face with a catastrophic mistake of humans (perhaps the developer) which
results in an escape of the Superintelligent being from its controllable
environment. We have already seen many examples of this scenario in the
literature and popular culture; in movies, books and series. In the movie “Avengers – Age of Ultron” the main
villain is a Superintelligent agent named as “Ultron” that is created by one of the main characters “Iron Man” and as the film proceeds the
control of this Superintelligence is lost and it escapes out of its isolated
confinement. The movie also includes an AI character named as “Vision” that helps other characters and
the humanity to defeat the villain. The TV series “Person of Interest” issues the rightminded AI algorithm that
oversees the global surveillance and helps the main characters to solve
problems presented in each episode. In some episodes it clashes with sinister AI
algorithms that want to take over the humanity. However, it may not be like it
is seen most of the time in the movies that the humanity will regain its
control over the Superintelligent agent. So, the sad ending is possible as the
author argues mainly in the book.

The prospect of achieving the kind of Superintelligence
that can have control over humanity with a possession of enormous power is more
probable in the sense of the points that are discussed in the book and this
essay in the first place. To this respect, the Superintelligent being will be
mostly able to adopt a clever way out of the confinement to conduct the plans
it previously generated in its deep memory (or brain) without the notice of
humans. This is quite terrifying, threatening and dystopic for ourselves at the
present time, however it is quite possible that we are still at the first phase
in the AI takeover scenario. The author does occasionally refer the term
embodiment in the book but accepts that the Artificial Intelligent being (this
term is used instead of Superintelligence in the lower phases) has more or less
a virtual body or structure that helps itself to sense, adapt to and take
decision over the changes occurring within the interaction between its
environment and its reaches. Eventually, Superintelligence can gain control of
the robotic factories that produce mechanical, electrical, synthetic systems
all over the world. It can start the mass production of the embodied agents
using a strategic plan without even moving its virtual fingers. After all, the
collective structure of these embodied agents will construct the physical body
of the Superintelligence. Imagining that this physical body to gain unstoppable
power against the humanity will be the end.

Secondly, a Superintelligence gaining decisive
behavior is already viewed as a direct threat for the existence of humanity in
this respect. Curing cancer or eliminating world hunger will be insignificant
regarding the level of superintelligence takeover. In the history, there were
times where humanity faced with disasters and radical decisions of its own that
resulted in Black Death – Plague, World Wars, Genocides, Pollutions.
Consequences for some of these results are still seen as several of the existential
threats that humanity faces. Even though humanity had already faced with some
of those existential threats through the history, they always found a way to
overcome the difficulty. This was because humanity learned how to behave and
decide on the dangerous situations. Humans always used their minds to cope up
with the dangers from the first Homo Sapiens tribes in Africa until the present
time. The most dangerous competitor to humanity was humanity themselves as it
was obvious from the previous wars. How will humanity react if they face a
competitor smarter than them?


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