Symptoms of Erectile Disorder can be classified into mild,


disorder consists of three main symptoms. People with Erectile Disorder may
experience almost all or all in term of three symptoms. Such symptoms included difficulty
in getting an erection during sexual intercourse with partner. Second, hard to
maintain an erection throughout the sexual activity as well as diminish in
erectile rigidity. (American Psychiatric Association, 2013).    

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disorder can be specified as lifelong or acquired types. The former represent
that problem of erection is present from the beginning of when an individual is
sexually active. Whereas the latter is erection problem occurred after a period
of normal sexual function. Erectile disorder can also be detailed as
generalized type in which erection dysfunction is not limit to certain
situations, stimulation or partners. Conversely, situational type of
dysfunction is only occurs in particular types of situation, partners or
stimulation (American Psychiatric Association, 2013).


of Erectile Disorder can be classified into mild, moderate and severe form of
distress (American Psychiatric Association, 2013).


previous study has revealed that prevalence of erectile dysfunction was
increased with age, particular age groups between 40 to 70 or older as well as
peaking at 70 years old (Corona et al., 2010).


risk factor of erectile dysfunction can be wide-ranging and vary from
individual to individual depends on the lifestyles one’s living. Most commonly,
Erectile Dysfunction may attribute to psychological factors such as depression,
guilty, low self-esteem, rejected by partner, poorly sexual performance, upset
about physical appearance and so on. It is undeniable that negative covert
emotions and moods or suppressed thoughts do affect daily functioning which
indirectly influenced the sexual functioning. Apart from that, physical illness
such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure could have effect on blood
vessel functioning which was then interfered in erection. Other than that,
unhealthy habits such as heavy smoking, alcohol abused, drug used, overeating,
lack of exercise may also take the lead to dysfunction in erection. Moreover,
taking medicines for a long period of time such as antidepressant could also be
one of the risk factors of unable to get and sustain erection. In fact, certain
types of medicines that prescribed by physician or psychiatrist to cure chronic
diseases or mental health disorders can have unpredictable side-effects which
might caused failure in erection (Australia, 2014).