Task the most easier requires the employ to go

Task 1

a.     Yes

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b.     HSE’s “Reporting accidents and incidents at work section Types of reportable injuries” states
that all deaths of workers or nonworkers must be reported if they are caused
from a work-related accident

a. To report
this incident to HSE there are two different ways. Online, the most easier requires
the employ to go on www.hse.gov.uk/riddor
and complete the online report form. When finished the form will be submitted directly
to the RIDDOR database for examination. The other way is by telephone which is
the primary service used for the reporting of fatal and specified injuries only.
Therefore, in this case the employer will need to use the telephone service to
report to HSE. The contact Centre number is 0845 300 9923 and their opening
hours are from Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 5 pm

b. The
company would record accident internally by writing all detail of the injured in
Accident Report books by completing the following parts:

Recording the worker’s Personal and
Contact Details: First
name/Last name/Contact phone number/Email Address/Home Address/Reason for being
at the location/Sex/Age or Date of Birth/Occupation/Employee Number /Whether
the worker was a member of the public

Record the employers’ Contact Details
and Information: First
name/Last name/Position/Contact phone number/Email Address/Employee Number
(where applicable)

Record the Accident Details: Date of the accident/Time of the
accident/ Location of the accident e.g. area or department/

Record Injury Details: The type of injury he suffered e.g.
fracture, laceration, bruising, burn/The part of the body injured/Whether he
required hospitalisation or resuscitation/Whether he was unconscious/Whether he
is an employee and had lost days from work due the accident and how many days/Whether
he taken from the scene by ambulance to hospital/

Collect Witness Details, even though not applicable in this case:
First name/Last name/Contact phone number/Email Address/Address

Gather of Supporting Evidence: CCTV footage/Photographs/Training
Records/Health and Safety Check Records/Cleaning Logs/In the case witnesses where available
they could have provided a written statement to put alongside with the report

Record How the Accident Happened Record any details of the accident
given to you by the worker or any supporting evidence like CCTV in your
accident report. To record this stage questions to ask yourself include: How
did the injury or death occur? /What did you observe? /Was there anything
unusual about the working conditions? /What kind of PPE was being used at the
time of the accident? /What work activity was being carried out? /What
equipment was being used? /What were the events that led up to the accident? /

Record What Caused the Accident in this stage use only the objective
and visual facts that you have gathered leaving any assumptions or accusation
out. Example of question that the employer need to ask himself in this stage
include: Was he a new employee? What suitable training had him carry out the task?
/Was it due to human error? /Did the he had a lapse in concentration? /Was the
accident due to faulty equipment? /Was the he fatigued or stressed? /Is there a
preventive maintenance program in place? /Was the he following the correct
health and safety procedures?

Record What Was Done When Dealing
with the Accident, after
the accident, what was carry out by the employer to try to resolve the problem promptly,
in this filling stage the employer will ask himself: Was first aid was administered?
/Was an ambulance called? /How was the area made safe? /What had been done promptly
after the accident happened?

Record What Has Been Done to Prevent
Such an Accident Happening Again write any procedure you are carrying out right now to make
sure this accident will never happen again; example of question to answer
should be: Have any training needs been identified? / Has a plan been put in
place for corrective action? / How will your preventative measures stop future
occurrences of the accident?