Technology been created as a very effective tool of

and humans cannot be separated. Society has cyclical co-dependency on
technology. Depending on our daily lives and daily needs, we use technology to
keep on rising. Humans use technology to travel, to communicate, to learn, to
do business and live life in comfort. Computers have emerged as one of the best
technologies which not only reduced the manual burden of humans but rather
improved their work and quality as well.

has been created as a very effective tool of information to help the management
of an organization. It is a needed tool for every business, banking,
government, entertainment, industry, education, administration and lastly in
our daily lives as well. The development of science and technology changes the
pattern now, the processing, gathering of information, or any aspects to give
more efficient, faster and more practical way to use information technology or
computer. Technology is applied to each role of the individuals as they fulfil
life. Their usage of technology is more on daily basis in order for them to
accomplish specific task or interest and can also let them access information
easier and at any time. This has been possible because of the emerging modern

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technology is a device that involves the identification and verification of
individuals by analyzing the human fingerprint characteristics and it has been
widely used in various aspects of life for different purposes most importantly
to our study in the issues of student’s attendance. The main aim of this study
is to develop an accurate, fast and efficient automated attendance using
fingerprint verification technique.

study helps in monitoring the number of students who are present, absent, and
late every day, weekly and monthly by using biometric attendance technology.
This provides daily, quincenal and monthly reports for absences,
attendance and tardiness, through comparison charts for every section and year
level will be provided by the system.