Technology clothes etc. Customers use the web to find

is changing the way that we live our lives. With the advances in technology we
are enabled to complete more tasks in less time, and often times, with less effort
and more productivity. But using these abilities, our communications with
other people have considerably changed. We have this thing called “Social
Networking” or “Social Media” that allows us to communicate with a much broader
group of people.

advertising only reaches a few people at a time, and it’s usually a mixture of
different demographics. Television, billboards and other advertising outlets
just aren’t as effective as online tools. With so many businesses competing for
attention, every marketing strategy must be unique toward a given audience. The
internet and social media have turned advertising on its head leading to some
truly innovative advertising trends. Nowadays, Facebook and Google remind us
over and over about a product that we saw last month, such as a beautiful bag,
a pair of shoes or clothes etc. Customers use the web to find many things,
including businesses and brands. Because nowadays its increasing number of
tools and consumers have their fingertips to make purchase decisions has
shifted the way they buy.

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Considering the
social media for advertising, Facebook ads are so important to brands because it
is the universal social media network. For every single brand advertises on
Facebook, it’s also important to be able to segment social media performance by
paid vs. organic activities. Many ecommerce brands are using Facebook because
it is the best for advertising and there are 2 billion monthly users who use
Facebook. Facebook allows more advanced targeting than any
other advertising platform on earth. Advertisers can target by location, job
description, interests, past activity, and many other incredibly valuable

In Sri Lanka, it has
various Facebook pages in advertising. Some of them are insurance companies’
advertisements, leasing companies’ advertisements, ladies fashion accessories
advertisements, kitchen and furniture accessories advertisements etc. Facebook
has given advertisers the opportunity to reach their target audience through
interesting and cost cutting way than traditional advertising medium. Different
techniques are used by Facebook advertisers to effectively disseminate
commercial information to influence buying decisions. After using online
payments, consumers can buy those accessories and some companies using free
delivery home method. This method is very easy to use to the consumers’ who are
busy on their life. And also those advertising methods are effect to the
consumer buying behavior.