Technology where large cities suffer from various environmental problems

Technology has completely transformed our lives in the blink of an eye. This rapid technological advance that designates the modern world has given us great benefits, raising our living standards with improvements in means of transport, medicine, communication, etc. However, our society will continue to change because the development of technology has no limits. Science fiction deals with possible events in the future of society, alluding to scientific and technological progress. In spite of being purely speculative, numerous works by Jules Verne showed submarines and other technologies that nowadays exist, despite been seen as something impossible to create in that era. Therefore, I believe that science fiction works can give us an idea of what the cities of the future will look like.The city of the future will probably be an automated city. Thanks to the Internet of Things it will be possible to connect various objects to each other through the Internet, providing numerous benefits to daily life. With this interconnection it will be possible the monitoring and continuous study of the state of the city, allowing an advancement in public safety, cleanliness, among many other areas.Sadly, we live in a world where large cities suffer from various environmental problems due to road congestion and the constant emission of polluting substances. To solve this problem it will be necessary to create green areas that help the improvement of air quality in the city, as well as means to self-supply by sustainable waste utilization, as in Sweden, where they generate electricity using waste. Also, regarding traffic in cities, I believe that it will be possible to create alternative means of transport, such as flying cars.An example of a futuristic solution to the pollution would be the project called Fab Tree Hab, a house that grows from seeds capable of recycling water and saving energy.Furthermore, due to overpopulation, many experts indicate that people should start looking for new ways of life, either living outer space or on the vast surface of the water. Having this in mind, the project called The Freedom ship was proposed with the aim of building a floating city, capable of self-sufficiency through recycling and the use of renewable energy.To sum up, the city of the future will undoubtedly be a city that helps the environment, generating energy through clean and renewable sources and also, solving several problems such as the large influx of vehicles or the lack of safety on the streets. The automation of daily life will provide us many other benefits as long as it is not used in an abusive way.