Ten swim and attend school here would be a

Ten years of chasing my dream is gone; however, I am very grateful for it. You may be thinking someone who’s thankful to have their childhood dream crushed is insane, but to me it was crucial. For some, this might sound depressing, but for me, I see this simply as a turning point in my life. Swimming for a club team requires a lot more than simply swimming as a hobby. It was a 7 day a week schedule which my life revolved around. Those countless hours spent training have made me who I am today both in and out of the pool.Most swimmers finish their “swim careers” swimming in college. I was no different. I was thrilled to take my official recruiting visit with UH’s swim team and was excited for the opportunity to be a part of something I could give back to. I fell in love with the school immediately. I’ve always loved Hawaii and plan on making it my permanent home. So being able to swim and attend school here would be a dream come true. After an exciting visit with the coaches and team, I was certain this was the place for me. But with the good also came the bad. I was told I would not be able to pursue my planned major of nursing and also swim on the team. The rigors of each would be nearly impossible. To say I was crushed would be an understatement.I had always wanted to go into nursing and follow after my aunt. I admire the work she does and the feeling of accomplishment after a day of hard work. But to do this required a lot of academic time and it would impact other things in my life. I now had to make a tough decision: continue to swim and change my degree, or give up swimming and pursue nursing. I chose the later.I would end my swim career at the end of high school and work hard to get into the nursing program. If swimming taught me anything, it was to never give up. Although this might seem like I am giving up, in reality, I am just continuing my hard work, but doing so, “out of the pool.”In the end, I can apply what I learned from club swimming to the University of Hawaii and the nursing program. I understand the value of teamwork. I appreciate the value of practice and determination in achieving my goals. So that’s what matters to me. What is important? Being true to myself and the person I want to become. I must take life’s lessons and apply them to the constant changes life throws at me. Swimming was not going to be my future, but was a vital part of where I will be going in the future. So the dream I worked 10 years for wasn’t a waste at all, but a preparation for new and greater things in life.