Terrorism A considerable number of terrorist groups are active.

Terrorism is a very significant issue and terrorists are likely to carry out attackts in Turkey. Terrorists are mostly raised in Middle East and because of Turkey’s geographic location we are affected seriously. A considerable number of terrorist groups are active. Those terrorist groups such as PKK (Kurdish separatist), Daesh (ISIL),DHKP-C and TAK attack people all around Turkey but especially in South-east because of our border countries. Turkey’s border countries are Iran, Iraq, Syria, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria and Greece. We are sitting next to a major civil war which is in Syria, many insurgent groups are using us as an entry spot. As Iraq is the country that has the most terrorist incidents we are highly influenced by it.

Lately there has been a marked increase about our security defects along the borders with Syria and Iraq. Current structure for border security includes:

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·       Clearing the entry of goods and vehicles through the Ministry of Customs.

·       Investigating people entering and exiting the country through the police.

·       Securing land borders through the Turkish Military Land Forces Command. According to the Border Security Law, the Turkish military is in charge of the security of a border strip 600 meters wide.

·       Conducting operations just over the border, gathering intelligence and coordinating through the National Intelligence Organization.

We have begun to build a security wall along our border with Iran and Syria. The structure which will be in our borders with Iran will be a 144 kilometer long barrier to stop the PKK terrorism attacks. To prevent illegal crossings and terrorism from Syria to Turkey, there is another wall that will be completed on spring 2018 and the wall is 828 kilometer long, three meters high and two meters wide.

As the delegation of Turkey we suggest to :

–         Increase the number of the soldiers in border areas

–         Use technological devices to detect terrorists in border