Textbook significant impact on the ability of students to

Textbook selection is a daunting, sometimes
overwhelming prospect for both program administrators and teachers teaching
English as a second language. Quereshi (1981) suggests that for “the
instructor the textbook is usually the single most pervasive influence in a
course” and O’Neill (1982) believes that “no other medium is as easy
to use as a book” (p.107). Never the less, it’s a prospect that has a
significant impact on the ability of students to achieve their language
objectives, define their learning ability and inevitably affects the learning
outcomes. All the stakeholders in a programme, from policymakers and
administrators to teachers and students, rely heavily on textbooks to realize
prescribed goals and objectives. Therefore, it’s important to make informed
decisions and to effectively align textbook selection with the academic needs
of the Learners.

In assignment 1text book “General Certificate
English” will be scrutinized for evaluation. The contents of the textbook
are based on the syllabuses and past papers of the University of Cambridge and
the University of London for ‘O’level students who are preparing for GCE
English Language examination in Pakistan. The evaluation will hold an overview
of the basic organization of the textbook and of individual chapters; the
significance is given to general approach and language learning accuracy/
structure/grammar /Vocabulary & fluency / communicative

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I will be investigating textbook teaching, its
limitations, and importance of cultural context in language learning. There
will be a focus on strengths and weaknesses of textbook teaching, keeping in
view the goals and objectives set in relevance to the needs analysis of the
students. Cunningsworth (1995) and Ellis (1997) both believe that textbook
evaluation helps teachers to build systematic and contextual insights into the
holistic nature of textbook content beyond impressionistic assessments.


For Task 4 ‘Literature Review’ I want to focus on the
‘Use of textbook teaching in ESL classroom’. Literature Review will cover the
relevance of textbook teaching and its wider impact on language learning. Does
textbook teaching provide social and contextual dimensions to language
learning? How does textbook teaching comply with the socio-constructivist
approach towards learning while contextualizing the conceptual understanding of
the learners?