The a bicycle. And this era the police strength

Political Era of policing was
started in 1829. The first police agency that was stared opened in London,
called London Metropolitan. When first opening the London Metropolitan, during
this time police were supposed to make
the people feel safe and secure. During
that Era the rise of crime was at an
all-time high. The policing during this time was protecting the community, and
the Political and their cronies. They mainly conducted a patrol of the streets
by walking and riding a bicycle. And this
era the police strength was establishing and building a healthy relationship with the community.
And their weaknesses were that some
police officers were becoming corrupted by organized crime and this had caused
a heavy widespread of crime during the prohibition era. However, in the Reform Era,
1930’s the control model was made to increase the police power, during the Prohibition Era. By protecting society
from criminals by making sure things where processes smoothly to keep criminals
out of the communities. By being strict and punishing them for the crimes they have committed. What was once their strength becomes their weakness. They had started in the
Political Era being friendly to the
community.  Somehow the police started to
pull back becoming non-approachable more distant not intimate anymore. Their
strength was technology by February 16, 1968, was
the first day that we would dial 911. That was a big step from 1840’s police
had telephones, telegraph, police call box, and the Bertillon system used to
identify criminals by fingerprints and
handwriting.  By the time 1970 come there
were computerized, computer aids dispatch (CAD),
Implemented National Crime Information Center
(NCIC), and Automated Fingers Prints
Identification System (AFIS).

issues we are facing in today society has
always been an issue in America. It didn’t just start it have always been in existence. One of the issues I will be
discussing is criminal prosecution of police officers. I am not talking about racism
I am talking citizens’ rights. It seems like police officers can do no wrong
like the law protects their own. (Cappitelli, 2016) mention “There appears to be a growing desire to induce
criminal prosecution for officers whose actions result in injury or death. It
is difficult to do if there has always
been a need for such prosecutions, but perhaps just not the political will.
Regardless, this scrutiny is the new normal.” However, Cappitelli was right there is a fine line between proving your
And just killing someone. I wonder if they even feel some type of remorse.
It has really been the norm since the end of time. For polices officers to get
off scot-free for almost any crime.   

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