The an abnormal young boy who tries to solve

The story takes place in and around Swindon, England. The curious
incident of the dog in the night-time is a story about a special and an
abnormal young boy who tries to solve a mystery about the dead poodle Wellington
and he chooses to write a book about his life and progress on the poodle. After
Christopher smashes a police officer, the police take Christopher into prison.
They discharge Christopher with a warning, which he promises them and his
father that he should stay out of people’s business and not to research into
the murder anymore.
Christopher is a perfect and a little mysterious boy because he lives with a
syndrome called autism. Christopher is a very clever young boy, he is like a
genius because he knows all the capitals names throughout the world and all the
prime numbers to 7.507. “I know all the
countries of the world and their capitals cities and every prime number up to 7.507”
(Page 2, Line 1-3).  
Christopher is the narrator of the novel he sees the world at a different viewpoint
and the novel is been told in first person’s narrator. The main subject of the
book is about understanding his atypical brain, not just answering the mystery
of the dead poodle Wellington. Christopher hates lying and he can’t tell lies, his
life is about reason and truth. “I do not
tell lies. Mother used to say that this was because I was a good person. But it
is not because I am a good person. It is because I can’t tell lies (Page 24,
Line 1-3).
Christopher believes that the way the human mind is on is like computer, you
can turn on and off whenever you want. Christopher loves to read criminal
novels. It is the only genre that he finds interesting and the only one he
easily understands and compares himself too. Christopher cannot understand
difficult languages and therefore cannot read among the lines. Christopher does
not like and don’t understand jokes because one has to read among the lines,
that is why he only likes novels and mystery novels. “I cannot tell jokes because I do not understand them”(Page 10, Line1-2).

There is a special book he priorities it is called “The Bound of the Baskervilles”. The book is simply comprehensible
and involves mystery that he can answer and he likes it. Christopher’s father
told him that his mother died of a heart attack two years before leaving
Christopher’s father. He chooses to write about the dead dog for a task that he
needs in school. The book that
Christopher will write is the original book that the reader reads. Christopher
get ready for a math exam as an A level exam, he is excited about how it is
going to go because there has never been such an exam before at his school. “Next month I’m going to take my A level in
math and I’m going to get an A grade. No one has ever taken an A level in math
at our school before” (Page 56, Line 21-24).
Not only that his father warns him to stop and interfere with people’s business
so he continues to investigate whether the death of wellington between the neighborhood
and what he finds out is that his mother has been in a relationship with
wellingtons owner’s past man and it is a stranger who tells him that.
Christopher’s father finds out that he is investigating again about the dead
dog, he gets angry with him and he finds out that he is writing a book about
wellington so they start to get trouble between each other, the father saves
the book from Christopher. The father takes him on a little trip to the zoo, say
sorry for his behavior over Christopher, and tells him that he loves him. While
Christopher is looking for his book in his father’s bedroom, he finds some
letters from his mother, he reads them without his father’s permission and he
told that his mother is not dead and she lives in London with the man she had a
relationship. She left the house because she would not be Christopher’s mother.
That is all she could do to leave Christopher and his father because she had a
relationship with her neighbor’s husband and it knew Christopher’s father and
she could not seem to have a son who lived with autism. “I had taken from father’s room. But then I reasoned that it was
addressed to me so it belonged to me so it was OK to open it. So I opened the
envelope. Inside there was a letter. And this was what was written in the
letter” (Page 121, Line 7-12).
Christopher chose to go to his mother because he was also angry with his
father. Christopher tells how he arrived in London and what to do there. His
father is looking for him, but does not know he has gone to his mother. In the train,
he meets the police officer and they discuss why he has come here, and the
police tells him his father is waiting for him at the police station, but he
tells him to be with his mother rather than his father.
A little while later, he wants to see his father…

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