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The first that comes in mind after reading the word “smart clothing” is wearing slick watches and digital wristbands that no doubt trying their best to keep records of humans health and providing instructions to make their lives better.Unfortunately, that is not enough yet, these tracking devices have the certain limitation which cannot track all attributes of the human body due to an uncertainty of our body reactions and linkage with the outer environment.In fact, technological products used for health has a long way to go in terms of our regular lifestyle.But this blog is not just about health and safety tips, smart clothing involves creativity of modern technology amazingly performs the task which was not even imagined. Therefore,  companies investing a lot on R&D to know their consumers and creating clothes that can provide assistance at a specific task like running, cycling, cardio, etc.Recently, Levis & Google cordially launched a cycling jacket which has unique features like changing volume, music and it has the bluetooth sensor on the jacket, apart from that auto adjustment of yarn material help body to adapt with the outer temperature.the unseen for self-ridgesThe Unseen apparel company from London had launched various accessories for self-ridges included the backpack, I phone cases, scarf etc. that reacts according to the air pressure, sensation, wind, and light. Similarly, the basic concept of color was launched by Lauren bowler, a material alchemist that alter its color as per user interaction or the atmosphere in which it placed.Emil’s Smart SuitsEmil’s brand is well known for their startup project of smart coats, it gained appreciation and success in the market as it was very elegant and unique concept to market. These smart suits look as same as any other suits in the market but these lightweight polymers used from various panels through the garments and provide heat to the body.Besides that, it doesn’t have any complicated flow of wires running inside jackets whereas it has only one wire which can be used to charge suit.Therefore, smart coats could be the next generation clothing and who will care about the cold weather if they have smart suits like that.