The and technology all over Egypt for all ages

The Power of Next was the name of our event in EPSF-KFS, it was related to the Egyptian Science Week, which aims to spread science and technology all over Egypt for all ages and categories of society, we tried to choose the topics that our society needed whether in medical field like Gene therapy, Obesity, Antimicrobial resistance and Medical analysis or not like MOOCs, Freelancer and Professional management project , and also the choice of doctors who could streamline the topics as possible as they could. It was a very hopeful week started by its name “the power of next…” and I must say that it was not just a title for me, it has been a lifestyle. In these five days, I understood what really my power of next is. I realized how to be myself, the answer was the people I surrounded, when you find them believe in you and encourage you to start following your dreams, you will find yourself full of hope again, have the power to face the next whatever it will be and do anything to achieve what you are seeking for. I really felt all of it in that event. I was depressed but they made me stay up and showed me the route to do that by myself over and over again. Always hear “Birds of feather flock together”, but they showed me the meaning of it and how truthful it is, because if you are surrounded by dreamers, you will be one of them. After that event, I start being myself, I learned that every moment is important for you because it won’t come back again, so you must exploit it correctly, and finally the best thing I understood that if I do anything in my life, I should do it because I love it not for anything else. Therefore , I just want to say that I am thankful for everyone in my association because they helped me to get myself back and grateful to have them in my life, and special thanks to the creators of the idea of ” Egyptian Science Week “event, they did change the society much better by distributing science and I can see this around me, hoping to implement it in MENA region to help us have a weather full of science and innovation, and this can happen by the initiatives of student activities and governments in these countries. So finally, thank you all.