The any aspect of people’s life situation, either personal

The Community
Visit gives the students the task to tackle social problems and eliminate
issues on their assigned community using an action-based approach that involves
significant output, which also assimilates the problem with innovation and
creativity. This centers on the needs of the people in which includes the
understanding of social structure and can be relate to social conflicts. This therefore
is to devise viable solutions to the development of the household as well as
the community in an integrated and effective manner. In the vicinity of Brgy. Parang,
Marikina lays a distinct area that shows characteristics of undeveloped, poor
quality of housing and insecure residential status compared to the neighboring villages.
The community-based project involves the insight analysis of the people within
the area that requires support in any aspect of people’s life situation, either
personal or social conflicts. This affects the field observation processes and
focus interview with the household owner to articulate public issues that
affects them. This helps students to critically identify the main problem of
the community based of the people’s respond and interpretation. The assigned
community requires the thoughts and skills for resolution in discerning the issue
behind the interpretation would bring improvability and enhancement to the
solutions, making it effective and beneficial. These numerous problems assessments
have emerged such as inadequate access to safe water and sanitation,
overcrowding, and environmental and medical issues which are high risks to
develop diseases. Through the course of problem identification and analysis,
alternative solutions, designs and collaborative ideas are listed and distinguish
possible answers. The students are now task to come up with a framework of conceptional
information that results to concrete solution for Brgy. Parang, Marikina, in which
develops vivid and effective ways in improving its region and applying it on
real-life situations. It is the responsibility of the students to create an
innovative impact in a strategic way and taking action that could help in
raising issues for others.